Aspen Pet Furbuster Small Cat Nail Clippers – Review

Cat Claw Clippers

Product: Aspen Pet Furbuster Small Cat Nail Clippers

Price: $6.99 at Pet Mate

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Aspen Pet Furbuster Small Cat Nail Clippers

It’s important to keep up with your cats grooming at home, just like most people do with dogs. Claws on all animals can get out of hand.   All that does is cause harm to the humans of the family, like kids, as well as damage furniture.

Many of my cat loving readers don’t know that you can cut your cats claws at home.  Why, yes you can, and you should!

Most people don’t like pets on their couches because the claws can tear into the material and rip our couches or chairs over time.   But if you keep up with the length of your animals claws, you don’t have to worry about this.  These particular clippers help with keeping their nails trimmed and short so that your furniture is kept safe from rips and tears.

These clippers also are very easy to use and don’t have complicated locks.  They also don’t require that you have a manual just to use them. They act like scissors basically, trimming with precision, as well as are very easy to use.

Why I Chose These.

All clippers have their ups and downs.   Some have a guard on them to help prevent cutting too close to the quick.  Others are flimsy and can break easily, but with these, I find that they work really well and haven’t broken on me yet. I bought these when I was at the pet store and decided, maybe I should stop using my nail clippers that I use on myself. It’s not that they didn’t work, the opposite really, but I simply decided to get a better pair that were dedicated to my cats instead.

So, I picked these up and I’ve had them for a little over a year now. They’re small enough that it’s easy to cut small claws with them, and they don’t cause my cats nails to splinter or anything that causes them pain. A win in my book.

Aren’t More Expensive Ones Better?

No. Very simply, no. I’ve had expensive nail clippers and they don’t always work better. In fact, I felt like it was a waste of my money and honestly I wish I didn’t buy them more often than not in the past. Clippers don’t have to have special parts for them to work. They only need the edge of a good pair of scissors basically, and I don’t even want the guard on mine.

The guard gets in my way, and it makes it more difficult for me to see the quick easily to cut fast. Your cat is not happy to be upside down on your lap, well, mine actually are sometimes, but not all cats will enjoy being upside down and getting groomed. Most will struggle and want to get out of that position as quickly as possible. Complicated clippers prevent the quickness from happening, so it usually just puts a damper on the process for me.

Not all of you will agree of course, and many of you will want the more expensive options. However, you don’t need them to achieve the same job. We’re cutting claws here, not preforming surgery. I go with the most simple and affordable and I’m very happy with these.

Where To Get Them. – I included the link for you on the left, simply click that and it’ll take you to the main website.  From there, on the left, click on grooming, then on nail care. You can choose others if you prefer, but if you want the same ones I use, then click on Aspen Pet Furbuster Small Cat Nail Clippers for only $6.99.

They ship very quickly, so you won’t have to wait for a month to get them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I do and your furniture, legs, arms, etc., will be happier in the end to not have scratches all over them. Also, you’ll be surprised that over time, your cat will enjoy their claws not being too long since it’s hard for animals to maneuver the way they’d like when their claws get in the way.

Have you tried clipping your cats claws yet? If so, comment below how your cat reacted!

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