Best Life Vest For Dogs 2020

Life Vests for Dogs

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to go to the lake! Have dog’s? No worries, even if they’re not the best swimmers, because there are plenty of life vests out there for dog’s and I’m here to share with you some of the ones that I’ve found to be the best options.

You may not always need a life vest, but in some instances, you should absolutely have one for your dog’s. Not all dog’s are the best swimmers (they can’t all be labs), and if your dog gets too far away from you, either you’re jumping in the water to rescue them, or you run the risk that they drown. Neither scenario is ideal.

Dog Vests Are Similar To Human Vests.

I have to hand it to the inventors of the dog life jackets. They’re similar to the ones we wear for humans, except they go under the dog’s chest and over their neck like a collar to keep them from slipping out. The life vests are made with a material that keeps them buoyant in the event they get too tuckered out to swim to shore.

Some life vests will also have material that helps keep your dog’s warm in the event they go into water that’s too cold. In the instance of a short haired dog, this is a good idea to have since you don’t want your dog getting too cold to where their muscles lock up just like ours do in very cold water.

Reasons To Need A Dog Life Jacket.

Maybe you’re reading this article and thinking to yourself, “Why would I need a life jacket for my dog in the first place?” Well, I have a boat that I take out on a large lake in Alaska. First, the water is very cold this time of year because the lake just thawed out not long ago. Second, I have a dog that absolutely loves the water, and she will jump in off the boat at any given time if she has the opportunity. I don’t want to run the risk of her jumping in, sinking too far, and risking her getting hurt.

Also, water in some places is still very cold, even for the states. What if your dog jumps in a lake and starts swimming and they get too far for you to swim after them, they get tired and you watch helplessly as they struggle to get back to shore. Nothing scares me more than thinking my dog might not be able to make it back safely.

If you have an ocean boat and your dog goes with you fishing, then you should definitely have one for those instances as well. The ocean can be very unforgiving, and you can never count on things going 100% right when you’re on the water. Having a vest on your dog can save their life, just like with us. You should always be protected in the event of an emergency.

Are They Expensive?

Perfect for colder temperatures

Believe it or not, dog life jackets are actually, very reasonably priced. Sure, some are pretty expensive, it depends on where you shop for one. If you go to an expensive store, you’re going to pay a higher price. Does this mean that for the ones that are less expensive, that they’re not as good? No, they are still good. Look for ones that have good buoyancy ratings, as well as handles to grab your pet with, and possibly even reflective tape so you can see them if it’s dark.

I also look for ones that fully wrap around my dog, around the neck like a collar and fully under the chest. I also like ones that have thicker material since I live in a state where water is often times very cold, and dog’s can get hypothermia like humans.

Where To Find Reasonably Priced Vests.

Most online pet retailers have their versions of the life jackets for dog’s. Petco has them, PetSmart, even smaller retailers have them. Bitch New York has them for a very reasonable price and they’re made with quality material, have all the features that I personally look for, as well as ship them right to your door.

There are usually several versions to choose from, so choose one that will suit your dog’s needs based on where you might take them. If you live in a state where the water is warm, don’t opt for the one with thicker material. If your dog is an avid swimmer like a lab, then you won’t need the super buoyant ones, maybe one that has a little buoyancy to help them just stay afloat, but still swim and dive like they love to do.


When we’re on the water, we always make sure that the humans are covered –  kids, teens & adults – we want our pets to be covered as well. Always be prepared for your dog to do something that you’re not intending them to do when it comes to being near water. Unlike humans, dog’s don’t always listen when they’re near water and it can be scary to have a dog get too far.

In the summer months, it’s important to be able to have fun with the whole family, and that includes our furry friends. So whether you’re on the ocean, near a lake or on the lake, have a dog life vest on your dog’s to keep them safe and know that even if they jump in, fall in or something happens, they’re safe.

I’ve included in this article some links to the website mentioned above, Bitch New York. They have several options for any type of weather or needs for your pets. Simply go to Collars at the top and click Life Jackets. You’ll find the many options that I’ve mentioned in this article, and hopefully you’re able to find one that you need.

Remember, be safe this season and make sure you’re whole family is protected in the water. It’s like the saying goes, but should be amended, “Kids don’t float” and dog’s sometimes don’t either; or they just get too tuckered out and have a hard time staying afloat.

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