CBD And Pets – Does It Work?

My oldest dog Annie, that unfortunately just passed, is the reason I’m writing this article today. Annie was 14 years old and was in pretty bad shape towards the end of her life and I was giving her CBD twice a day in order to help her walk, ease her pain and try to get her to eat.

I didn’t believe in CBD until I saw that it really works over the course of several weeks and intermittently for months. CBD and pets – what does it really do? It’s much the same for pets as it is for humans. It’s not the same as THC that you find in marijuana, but rather it’s manufactured from a part of the plant that contains no drug. It’s used more for a calming oil, and over time, I saw that it did help her out.

Why CBD For Pets?

Many people presently are opening up to the positive effects that CBD has on both humans and pets. It helps in several ways to promote a healthier lifestyle. Not in the sense of healthy, like a healthy diet, or exercising. More in the sense that if you have a pet that is having a hard time sleeping, it will help some. If you have a pet that hasn’t been eating on a regular basis, it helped with that. Walking was difficult for Annie, it helped with that as well.

Towards the end of her life, I was giving her several things that helped ease her pain when it came to doing anything that she needed to do to continue to live. She lost her appetite for some time, she didn’t want to get up to go to the bathroom, she barely was walking to drink water.

Is All CBD The Same?

I bought several types of CBD for Annie in her last 2 years of life. I tried a local one that worked pretty well that contained other healthy fats and oils that she needed for her digestive system, oils like fish oil, Omega oils, Vitamin E. But the CBD content was low, so it was more for a healthier pet. I needed something with a higher dose in it that would allow her to still continue to be a dog, so I started looking online for other CBD options. I tried one that was hemp based, and that didn’t really help her at all it seemed.

I then tried one that I found on a website that seemed to do the trick. While she was eating again, drinking and sleeping, she still had a hard time walking because of her joints, so I did have to move to a more chemical form for her of Ibuprofen. I had to give her one 200 ml tablet every 12 hours to help her walk to go to the bathroom. Please get your vets advice before attempting any OTC medications for pets. I am not a licensed vet.

How Did Each CBD Differ?

I noticed that with the hemp based CBD, it wasn’t all that great, in fact, I didn’t notice it helping her at all, so I gave it to my other dogs that thought it was a treat. They loved the oil, and it seemed to make their coats more shiny. As for my elder dog, she needed something more potent, so I went with a high dosage of pure CBD oil for her that was meant for pets. I read the instructions, and was giving her a full dopper dose every 12 hours along with the Ibuprofen. In the morning when she would eat, along with at night before bed.

The problem with the chemical side of things, the Ibuprofen specifically, is it’s not really that good for dogs, just like humans. I never found a great CBD that helped with her joint pain, and I think that the chemicals made her stomach upset since sometimes she just wouldn’t eat.

Pet Friendly CBD.

There are a lot of websites out there that have pet CBD that you can order online. I have some recommendations that I will post after this article so that if it’s something you’re looking into for your pets, I can throw out the names of the ones that worked well for my dogs. I’m sure there are others that work better, and maybe readers will offer up what’s worked well for them if they’ve had to give it to older dogs as well.

Medterra was one that I was using for Annie, and this one seemed to work well on her near the end. I also tried Canna Pet as well, and that was alright some days, but not all. It may also have depended on how she was feeling that day particularly as well.

It’s All About Your Pets Health.

In the end, Annie was an older dog and she had lived a long and full life. While I wouldn’t buy CBD for a healthy pet that doesn’t need it, I am an advocate for CBD for pets that are in need of a little boost time to time if they’re not doing as well as they should. It won’t make them hyper or want to run necessarily, but I’m basing this on my older dog that wasn’t mobile anymore. I’m sure everyone who’s had to give their pets CBD has had different outcomes with how their pet did, but mine was a positive result on most days.

I do think that CBD and pets is a good mix, especially if your vet recommends it. Be sure to get your pet checked up before changing their diet or putting them on anything that may harm them. Annie did well with it, Atlas has also enjoyed it as well, just not as often as Annie by any means. I’ve given it to my smaller dogs as well, but the dosage of course was smaller since it’s based on their weight.

What have you tried with your pets? Have you tried CBD yet and if so, what worked best for you?

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