Football Jersey’s For Dog’s

Football Jersey

Football is in full swing now and a lot of people are shopping for football jersey’s for dog’s.  I know my husband is an avid fan and of course, dresses our dog in his team’s jersey.  His team differs from mine, so the jersey we have is biased to his team.

Not everyone is a fan, and everyone’s team is different, of course.  Even in friends circles, you can have four different teams within a small group of friends.  I understand the reasoning behind the jersey’s, so of course it’s cute to see dog’s wearing them.

Shopping For Football Jersey’s for Dog’s.

I’ve seen a lot of online stores advertising football jersey’s for dog’s lately.  Even places like Etsy will have all of your teams.  Whether your dog remotely cares about football is neither here nor there. Of course the owner is going to dress the dog up in hopes the dog will help their team score.

I could never tell whether the dog wearing the jersey helps with the teams scores, but hey, there’s always next game.  Maybe it’s like the sock superstition.  In order for your team to do well, your dog has to sport the jersey!

The Material Of The Jersey’s.

Just like with the humans sports jerseys, the dog’s version is made out of the same material.  Or so it feels anyway.  I will admit, we are a football household, so of course we each root for our own team.  While my dog only has my husband’s team’s jersey, I’m okay with it.  Besides, my team loses more than they win.  Truth!

As for the material, the jersey’s are pretty similar to the human versions.  They’re cut similarly, and they feel pretty much the same.  What about the cost?

Are Football Jersey’s for Dog’s Expensive?

The cost of these jerseys’s doesn’t seem ridiculous like some football items for humans.  I do know that if you get a specific player and their number during the peak of their profession, they can be expensive.  As for the dog’s version, they seem pretty close in cost.

On average, they run:

$42 on Bitch New York.

$29.99 on Petco

$26.99 PetSmart

Around $19.99 on Amazon

And so on.

As for the quality of each jersey from these sites, I’m going to wager that my favorite site, Bitch New York has the quality material that I would be looking for.   There have been some clothing items I’ve ordered from Amazon lately that are less than desirable.  I often regret getting some clothing from Amazon, so I try to stick with household items only.

As for Petco, I have gotten some quality clothes from them recently.  I also like that they have a decent return policy, regardless of whether I bought the items online or in the store.

If you’re anything like me, you value the good return policies, especially when it comes to clothing.  What if you change teams?  What then?

Changing Football Teams? Taboo?

Okay, don’t get mad because I’m the one to point this out.  We all know that avid fans can change teams sometimes.  Usually when we’re younger and we don’t know any better.  But it has happened. I’ve had the same team since I was 18 and haven’t changed teams, but I’ve seen some that have.  Some people follow players versus teams.  This might be the smart way to go, though, what do you do when they’re retired?  Or seriously injured and they can no longer play?

Since I’ve yet to change teams and I don’t exactly follow players, I suppose that question would best be answered by player followers.  In any case, once a certain time period passes, we know retailers don’t take apparel back.  So, in the event you change teams, maybe selling on social media is your next best bet.

IF I was a player follower and not a team follower, I would be inclined to special order a jersey for my dog.  I do know that some sites will have just random colors.  Nothing to do with football per se. I’ve seen pink jersey’s for female dog’s.  Black jersey’s for male dog’s.  In any event, I would order one specially with my players name on the jersey and their player number.

This would also be proactive in that it doesn’t offend my friends that go for a different team, but rather it’s about the player.

Conclusion on Football Jersey’s for Dogs.

Shopping for football jersey’s for dog’s is fairly easy since there’s so many pet stores that carry them.  It’s not only festive and in the spirit, but it might also bring good luck to your team.  If you plan on bringing your dog to the game, why not?  Besides, dog’s in football jerseys are cute.  Who can deny?

If you’re not a football fan, there are baseball jersey’s as well.  Maybe your kids play sports and you order an unnumbered jersey in your kids school colors.  Once our kids go back to school and participation in sports becomes a thing again, it would be pretty fun to have your dog show support.

My daughter plays volleyball, so even though we’re indoors, the car ride there might get her more in the spirit.  Whatever the reason for the jersey, there’s lots out there.

Which team do you root for? Do you dress your dog’s in football jersey’s too?  Where did you go shopping for football jersey’s for your dog’s?

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6 thoughts on “Football Jersey’s For Dog’s

  1. Cute!!! I will get this for my dogs… maybe a different team for each dog. That would be fun! BTW my daughter also plays volleyball! Hopefully we get to watch games soon.

    1. Alyse,

      I miss watching my daughter play volleyball. She was so into it last year and I had a blast going to each of her games. It’s sad the kids are still out of school in Alaska. They were expected to go back this month, but our COVID rates are going higher every day so that was pushed yet again.

      Don’t you love the jersey’s? I just love the idea of Atlas sporting her jersey even if it isn’t my team. It’s too cute! I do have to admit, our friends get a kick out of it when we bring her anywhere on Sunday. Even when we’re not watching the games, we’re still rooting for our teams!

      Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi, This is so nice! Love Jersey shirt for the dog. I don’t have a dog but I find that sweater very nice. I didn’t know that Petco was a brand from Canadian Tire. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Lyne,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the sweaters. My dogs love their sweaters, especially now because we’re coming into winter and it’s been pretty cold recently. I always make sure my dogs are warm when we leave in case anything ever happens. Be prepared in Alaska, that’s a big motto up here.

      Thanks again!


  3. A friend of mine recommended your football jerseys for dogs post, and I can’t thank her enough. I’m a big football fan, and I’m definitely buying one for my puggy bear. <3

    I saw some of your recommendations on Bitch New York, and I just might buy it from there.Thanks for taking the time to create such a fantastic post! I loved it. 🙂

    Wish you all the best and stay safe!

    1. Hi Gorjan,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this article. I have to say, everything I’ve gotten from BNY has been top quality clothing for my dogs. I write about them all the time because I love everything they offer. I’m okay spending a few extra dollars knowing the clothing will actually last and not fall apart.

      I’ve had some pretty bad luck with dog clothing in the past that I bought just because it was inexpensive, but what I didn’t know was that it was also cheap. I just won’t buy cheap stuff to save only because in the end, you end up buying it twice anyway.

      Thanks for visiting my site! I’m really glad you enjoyed the articles!


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