Nylon Collar or Leather Collar for Dogs


I recently wrote a post about the Bestia Maximus Leather Collar that I purchased for Atlas and how much I love it on her. I also mentioned that I have a nylon dog collar for my older dog Annie and that’s lasted her well over 6 years. Each person that has a dog has different preferences on what kind of collar they prefer for their pets.  So how do you choose between a nylon collar or a leather collar for your dogs?

How do you know what collar is best for your pet’s needs? Small dog’s are going to vary from large dog’s because their needs are different. Small dog’s aren’t going to have the strength to pull you around when you take them for walks. Large dog’s obviously will have the strength to pull you in any direction they choose; not all collars are created equally either.

The Different Styles Of Collars.

Different Dog Collars

As mentioned before, there are a wide variety of collars out there. You have the standard collars that go around your dog’s neck, some people prefer harnesses, others want collars that are the breakaway style if they don’t take their dog’s for walks, but their dog gets caught easily on objects and can hurt them self. There are thin collars, thick collars, all colors schemes imaginable..basically, if you can think of it, it’s been created.

What kind of collar do you prefer personally?

Your Dogs Temperament Will Determine Their Needs.

What I mean by their temperament, is, what does your dog like to do? When you take them outside, do they listen to you? When you put them on a leash and try to walk them, do they pull? How big is your dog? These are some questions that you should have the answers to before purchasing a collar that will suite your dog’s needs.

If you have a very large dog that pulls you when you try to walk them, then you might want to look into my review on the Holt Dog Walking Leash Trainer. This will teach your large dog not to pull you around.

If you have a medium-sized dog that doesn’t really pull, just is happy to be outside with you, then a nylon dog collar may be right for you. You won’t need special accessories if you can manage your dog easily while on a walk, and so the nylon and standard leash could be your go to.

If you have a small dog and they like to attempt to pull, but hurt their necks in the process, then a harness may be your best friend. Since small dog’s are convinced they’re actually very large dog’s, they have a tendency to hurt themselves and you don’t want that.

I’ve Never Taken My Dog For A Walk; What Option Is Best?

In order to know how your dog will act, you have to first take them out. Buying a standard collar, even from a retail store like WalMart will allow you to see how your dog will react. There’s always going to be a need to leash train your dog, so be sure you start this training around the 4-6 month old range so that they get used to it.

No matter the size of your dog, you must see how they act when they go on their first walk outside. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg either, just look for something in the $10 range and go from there.

Once you go out for the first time, pay attention to the dog’s reaction to the collar and leash. Are they choking themselves? Does your dog pull? Or maybe they sit down and refuse to walk? Do you have to pull them yourself?

Now You’ve Walked, Where To Now?

Now that you’ve taken your dog on a walk, how did it go? Personally, I have dog’s that range in size.  My large dog always pulls.  Because of that, I’ve been forced to get them the trainer in order to prevent them from pulling me down to the ground.  Of my two smaller dog’s, one hates the leash and collar.   He needs a harness so that I don’t hurt his throat on accident.  My smallest dog loves her collar and leash, but she has a hard time keeping up sometimes.

I have two nylon dog collars, one for my oldest big dog and a very small one for my smallest dog. My big dog has put some work on hers and my small dog’s still would look brand new if Atlas didn’t try to chew on it time to time. Basically, my small dog doesn’t have the gumption to pull me and even if she tried, she weighs a whopping 2.5lbs. But, I don’t have to pull her so she gets a standard collar; she walks side by side with me.  However, if you want the cute bow tie style collar I do have for her, check it out here!  

It’s All About What Your Dogs Likes/Needs.

Now that you’ve gone your walks, shopped around for a style of collar you like and possibly have decided on the nylon dog collar, now you can finally take Fido for a walk that you both enjoy. Fido doesn’t pull, doesn’t choke himself out, walks side by side with his owner and pants and wags his tail – everyone’s happy.

After trying these simple tools, what did you decide works best? I’d love to hear about your walks with Fido and how they went and how he reacted. What style did you end up going with? Did he pull during the walk, or was he happy as a clam?

I would love to hear from my readers and share your success stories with others out there! Now that I’ve shared what works for Annie, Atlas, Buttons & Harry – drop me a comment of your furry friends! I’d love to see them happy looking while walking outside!

If you’d like to see which collar I love best for my large dog Atlas, click this link!  I stand by this brand 100%.

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