Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – For Those Fast Eaters

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Petmate Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Do you have a dog that loves food so much that they scarf it down? You set the food bowl down, only to blink and it’s gone. This can cause some issues if you have this dog. They choke on their food. Maybe they vomit food up. Or spit out chunks of food. You may need the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl to help them.

The slow feeder dog bowl serves one purpose for your pet. To help them slow down while they eat. See, dogs are like us in a lot of ways. Meaning, they have to be able to chew their food. Chewing food allows for easier digestion. It also prevents choking hazards.

So, if your dog eats their food too fast, then keep reading.

Basics of Digestion.

Okay, so maybe you know about how the digestion process works. But, in case you don’t, here you go. When a dog starts eating their food, most dogs will chew the food into tiny pieces. Once they swallow these pieces, the stomach starts on breaking it down. However, the stomach can only break down so much before the food moves to the intestines.

The acid in the stomach turns food from a solid to a liquid from here.

If your dog eats the dry kibble whole, the stomach will only break down a portion of this. This means, that when the larger particles move into the intestinal tract, only so many nutrients are absorbed. In order for the full amount of vitamins, macros and other nutrients to be absorbed, they need to be in full liquid form. This allows for the passage between the intestines to the blood stream and from there, the body. So, we want our dogs to chew. We want them to get as much nutrition from that food as possible.

Now that you have the digestion basics, do you need the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

Does Your Dog Need to Slow Down?

Does it take your dog (or cat) only minutes to eat a full bowl of food? If so, then you need to help them to slow down. This requires getting the slow feeder dog bowl. Basically, it’s a bowl with some kind of design in it. The food is spaced around the ridges and forces the dog to eat between the design.

Once you get your dog a slow feeder, you will notice that instead of taking a minute to eat, they take several. Of course, it depends on the style you choose and the material of the bowl. Not all slow feeders are created equally. There are several styles of slow dog feeders to choose from. You want to choose one that will be the right one for your dog. Unfortunately, this may require you to try several.

It’s a new puzzle dog bowl for your dog. Don’t get upset if the first one doesn’t work. The good thing is, they’re not usually expensive.

What are the different styles to choose from?

Different Types of Slow Feeders.

There are several types of slow feeders to choose from. Some have very complex designs depending on what your dog needs. If your dog is super smart, then you may want a more complex design. You want them to slow down, that’s the point, right?

Some slow feeders have floral patterns. Others are very basic designs like a bone in the bowl. I’ve seen mazes as well as others that look like ice trays.

I would determine the style based on how clever my dog is. We’ve seen dogs that can figure out puzzles pretty quickly. Such as a bone being under the couch. Or, maybe they get into cupboards. However you determine the level of your dog, that is how I would choose the bowl style at first. The very complex one’s are meant to make your dog figure out how to get their food, even through a puzzle.

Choose one that will hold the amount of food your dog needs as well. Some bowls are very small and others large. If your dog needs 2 cups of food at a time, then the more complex one’s might not accommodate this. These bowls are suggestions for the size you might need based on the amount of food they hold.


Petmate Kibble Cup Slow Feed
Petmate Slow Feed Bowl – Holds up to 12 cups $9.99


Skid Stop Slow Feeder
Non-Skid Slow Feeder from Petmate – Holds up to 6 cups $4.49-$8.49


Stainless Steel Slow Feeder
Stainless Steel Slow Feeder from Petmate – Holds up to 4 cups – $8.99-$10.99
Slow Feeder BNY
Ceramic Slow Feeder from Bitch New York – Holds up to 2 cups $40.00


Ice Tray Style from Petco
Ice Tray Style from Petco – Holds up to 1 cup $6.99

Next, what material should the bowl be made of?

How to Choose the Material.

If your dog is a chewer, then you might not want the slow feeder dog bowl to be made of plastic. If your dog gets frustrated and can’t get to their food, they could wind up eating the bowl instead. Opt for the stainless steel one instead. I will note though, that the metal one’s don’t usually have as complex of a pattern.

Because the manufacturers can work with plastic easier, the plastic one’s are usually more complex. The metal one’s are pretty simple in design.

There’s also ceramic one’s as well. Again, not always the more complex designs. However, you don’t want your dog attempting to ingest plastic. I would monitor my dog while eating out of the slow feeder at first. See how long it takes them to eat. And, do they get frustrated and try to tip the bowl? Or eat the bowl? You don’t want either.

Final Words on Slow Feeder Dog Bowls.

Hopefully this has helped you to decide which style of slow feeder dog bowl you need. All dogs should get the right amount of nutrition, and chewing helps them with that. It will also help them to not choke on their food as well. I’ve seen my dogs when they’re super hungry at times. I put their bowls down and I hear them hacking and coughing. My dogs aren’t normally fast eaters, but some days they are. When they start choking, I immediately become worried, of course.

In the pictures posted above, these are some styles I’ve found to work best. I have friends with dogs that are fast eaters, and these are the one’s that they swear by. Simply click on any of the above pictures and it will take you to the site. As I mentioned, you may need to try a simple one – to try at first. If they still eat too quickly, then move to the more complex one.

How about you? Do you have a fast eater? What’s worked best for you in the past with your dogs? Some cats are even fast eaters. Do you have a cat that eats too fast and gets sick? Or chokes on the kibble? Let us know what’s worked for you so that others can be educated as well.

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8 thoughts on “Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – For Those Fast Eaters

  1. This article is brilliant! I had no idea these exist! My dog is guilty of eating fast and would really benefit from this bowl. I’m still in awe that someone thought of this. I like the big round one. I think that would keep my pooch busy longer.
    Thanks again for such a great review. I look forward to other posts from you!
    Stay Healthy!
    Jamie L.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this article Jamie. Yes, your dog would benefit from slowing down, for sure. These bowls are great though. I know some dogs that are very fast eaters and the largest one makes them slow down for sure. I love the individual pockets that holds the food! That one is my favorite.

      I hope this works well for your dog! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I never thought of bowls to slow animals down from engulfing their vittles too fast. Is there any chance a dog will figure out how to flip some of these bowls over? The heavy ones would probably be better. I would rather buy something of quality for my pets.

    I don’t know if dogs would slow down to eat. In nature, they would not be able to eat that way. Wolves or other canines would have to gnaw at their food. Maybe domesticated dogs are attracting their food like prey and since there is little resistance they eat in a hurry. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the post. Brian

    1. Brian,

      Dogs will naturally try to eat fast so that no other dog gets to their food. It’s common in houses with multiple dogs for them to eat quickly. In nature with wolves, they actually don’t scarf their food down unless they’re the lowest in the chain. The leader of the pack gets first meal, then so on from there. They do sometimes fight over their food, but that’s when it comes to the lower ranks. However, they also eat raw meat versus dried kibble. Dried kibble takes a while to digest. Many dogs that eat too fast don’t absorb the nutrients they need and that can lead to constipation and other digestive issues. It’s best to help them slow down and that’s what these bowls were created for.

      If you feed a raw diet, then they have to chew to swallow the whole pieces. Just food for thought.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hi Katrina,
    The slow feeder is a super great innovation! Aside from getting the dog to slow down feeding, it also challenges them mentally. I never realized that such bowls existed. It make sense though in terms of digestion and nutrition

    I guess the manufacturers really should improve on their marketing strategy to get the word out there as I am yet to see them at the homes of my friends with dogs. I will pass on this article to them.


    1. Hi Ceci,

      Yes, they’re not mass marketed as of yet. I don’t see them a lot, and I only know of them from browsing the web myself. I did show them to my friends whose dogs also eat really fast, and they’ve loved having them since.

      Hopefully your friends love them as much as mine did!

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked this one!


  4. I love these slow-feeders. They are a great idea for the dogs that just gobble it down in a hurry.

    When I just got my cat, she would eat fast and play immediately after and vomited. Once I found out the problem by talking to the vet, I took some time and sat with her whilst she ate.

    She slowed down as she also craved the attention. I kept her in my lap for a while and closed some of the doors, thus giving her fewer places to run. Yes, this worked, but it was time-consuming. I would have appreciated a slow-feeder for her at that phase. Thankfully she has settled and this is history.

    Thanks for a lovely article.

    1. Josephine,

      It’s really good that you took the time to help your cat, not many people do honestly. Not because they don’t care, but they simply don’t always have the time or patience. Animals love food, just like some humans love food. The problem with animals, is they don’t have the same receptors in their stomachs as we do that tell them to stop. So, they eat so much the stomach can’t handle it and it regurgitates it up. It simply can’t handle the ample amount of food in their bellies.

      I’m really glad you were able to stop this though for your kitty. Vomiting all the time can have some major impacts on their esophagus and can really damage it over time.

      Glad you stopped by! Thanks for reading!


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