Pet Halloween Costumes – For Dogs.

Buttons Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s now time to start looking for pet Halloween costumes.  If you plan on Trick-Or-Treating outside, it’s a perfect way to take your dog.   A long walk with the kids getting candy is perfect!

Not only will your dog be happy to be walking around the neighborhood with you, it’s good exercise for them, but if you have a naturally protective dog, then they can be there for the kids in the dark.

Starting Small?

Uncle Sam Dog Hat
        Presidential Hat

If you’ve yet to take your dog out for Halloween, then you might be inclined to start small with their costume.  Maybe you want a hat or just some wings to put on them.  If your dog doesn’t like clothing in general, starting small might be the way to go.

My male dog hates clothing, so I wouldn’t put him in anything that covers his entire body.  I would most likely put him in something simple like a hat. I found some cute hats on Bitch New York that I think are perfect like the Uncle Sam Dog Hat for only $26-$28.

Wings Maybe?

Bat Wings
             Bat Wings!

If your dog doesn’t like hats, maybe they’ll like the wings instead?  There are some cute bat wings available that aren’t too expensive, $21 – $27.  The wings would feel similar to a harness around their chest, so if your dog wears a harness, then the wings are perfect!

Any dog would look cute with these on their backs, walking door to door with you and the kids!

If you have a female dog that doesn’t like full on costumes. they even have unicorn horns that you can get separately.  Don’t leave her at home just because she hates those princess dresses!

Unicorn Dog

Princess Costumes for the Ladies!

Barktoria Dog Costume
     Princess Puppy!

Loads of princess costumes are available for your pets Halloween costumes!  Too cute to not buy one of these for your dog to walk up and down the neighborhood with you!  I mean, I wouldn’t just wait for Halloween to put this cute dress on my female dogs!

I know Buttons would just love any of the styles I found on this site, she’d probably prance around all day in any of these dresses.  One of my favorites, the Barktoria’s Secret Dog Costume – only $31.

Pirates, Bees and Dinosaur’s – Oh My.

Have a male dog that will hate you forever if you dare put him in a princess dress?  Well, there’s pirates, sailors, dinosaurs and many others for the male dog in your life.  He’ll be happy to be with the family out and about that night, so don’t leave him at home alone on such a scary night.

There are a lot to choose from that are geared towards your males dogs for pets Halloween costumes – so click this link here and save 15% today on any costume you buy!

I personally like the hero characters for my male dog, if he can stand to be in one long enough.  He tends to get a little cranky with me when I dress him up – click here on that article – but my females?  They love being dressed up.

Loads of costumes
                                                                                                                                                                 Look at all the costumes!

And Many More Pet Halloween Costumes….

Maybe I didn’t list one that you would be interested in, but there are 144 costumes on Bitch New York to choose from.  And this is just one site.  So many pet stores sell costumes for dogs; They want you to take your dog Trick-Or-Treating with the family.

Just imagine, the entire family dressed as dinosaurs and your dog is in one as well.  That would be too cute!

Since I’m writing about this in 2020, we don’t know what will happen this year with COVID-19, but I have hopes that Halloween will still be celebrated this year.  Regardless of whether businesses are still closed and social distancing, I imagine I will still take my kids around to our other families houses so they can still participate in Halloween.

Since I have two young kids still, I would hate for them to not be able to celebrate this year, so I’ll find any way they can still enjoy this holiday.

I’ll also be that dog Mom that will dress the dogs up even if it’s just a walk down the street and no door to door stopping.  My dogs will look adorable walking down the street in their costumes.

Buttons will have to be a princess this year since the Barktoria is too cute.  She was a dinosaur last year – as you can see.

What are your plans this Halloween with your furry family members?

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6 thoughts on “Pet Halloween Costumes – For Dogs.

  1. Hey Katrina,

    This is a very fun and interesting article. Especially with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of our costumes. This year we will include the dog in our costume decisions, following the advice on your article.

    I will let you know how we get on with our costumes and I’ll take some photos of us all, including the dog 🙂

    Have a great Halloween and I hope the dog looks amazing.

    All the best and keep up the great work,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Your dog will love being out with you Trick or Treating! They love going places with us, and they love being pet and loved by the kids. I always have such a blast taking our dogs out with us, I couldn’t imagine leaving them home alone!

      Glad you enjoyed this article!



  2. I love the Barktoria costume too and I also love the name, Barktoria’s secret, too cute! My little Lucy would look adorable in it. I really like the dragon costume in the photo you shared. Is that your dog? One of my dogs, Mr. Freckles hates coats and sweaters too, but I think that those wings will look adorable on him, and he is a Dalmatian mix, so it will look like it’s a part of him with the black and white colors, lol.
    Who knows if there will be much trick or treating this year. I think that kids will still make their rounds, but wearing their masks with their costumes and keeping their distances, I suppose … Halloween is a fun holiday for them. Hopefully they can celebrate it this year in a safe way.
    And I agree, those costumes are too cute and pretty to be used only once a year! I would also dress my dogs up on other occasions – the ones who like their costumes 😉 Mr. Freckles will get the wings 🙂

    1. Christine,

      My dog is the one in the dragon costume! That’s Buttons! 🙂 She’s the one that loves to be dressed up all the time. She loves the attention. I’m not sure what will happen this year with Halloween, but I do hope they don’t cancel it up here. My kids look forward to this holiday every year and I do too. I hate the candy part, but it’s fun for the kids and the dogs enjoy it as well.

      Glad you loved this article! The links in the article go to a site that has the cutest costumes!!! I just love dressing them up!


  3. The season is coming, and it’s so cute to put on the costumes on our dogs too. I love the unicorn horns, bat wings, and the Barktoria’s Secret dog costume(what a name!) They will definitely add so much fun to Halloween, and people will remember how exquisite we dress our dogs, leaving a good memory in everyone’s mind when it comes to Halloween for the rest of their lives. I think the prices are affordable and reasonable, so I’ll share this post with the dog parents around me if they need some inspiration for this holiday. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks Matt,

      Locally, we have a dog trainer that takes pictures of dogs in costumes professionally. I think it’s cute to dress dogs up for Halloween myself. I know my dogs love walking around and seeing all the kids, so it’s fun to have them be part of the festivities. Plus, kids love it! They always want to pet my dogs when we’re out, especially when they’re in outfits! I know my daughters love dressing our dogs up too! They always want the newest and the greatest costumes that come out every year. Though, I do find it funny that the hot dog is popular every year! Yes, I have one!

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed this one!


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