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Welcome to my site, Katrina’s Pet Apparel.  I have been an avid pet lover all my life and have had lots of up’s and down’s with them.  I write about everything for your pets, from clothing to accessories to common concerns you might have.

In my younger years, I often didn’t know what I needed to do to take care of my pets in the best way possible, and now that I’m much older, I want to help those that are seeking answers to your most common needs.  What clothes are best?  Which beds are the most durable?  How can I help my elderly pet to life a happier life?  All these common solutions have been stored in mind and now I want to help people with answers I’ve found.

The story of my pets.

At 18, I moved to Hawaii and adopted my first pet as an adult, Caine.  Caine was a mixed breed that I rescued from the Humane Society; however, Caine was one of the most ornery dogs I’ve ever adopted.  I learned a lot from him through constant training and classes.

My second adoption was Sarah. Sarah was an extremely smart dog and was capable of opening cupboard doors and even the exterior door to get outside.  She taught Caine how to get out even!

Sarah and Caine unfortunately have passed since Hawaii.

Annie was a rescue from the pound as a puppy and has recently passed this year at 14 years old; she was a mixed breed of Boxer, Dane and Mastiff.  Annie took the most training out of all of my dogs – she was very stubborn and never listened.  I went to every training class I could to help me train Annie and in the end, she was a great dog and I miss her so much.

And then, there were three.

Buttons – 7 years old, a teacup Chihuahua. Harry – 5 years old, also a Chihuahua and finally, Atlas my newest friend – now a year old, a Pocket Bulldog.

Each of my dogs has taught me their different personalities and quirks and I’m here to pass along my knowledge with them.

Cats – I’ve had many.  Eddie, my most beloved cat, was all white with just a black head and tail.  He was a very fat cat who loved food more than anything in this world.  He was elderly and passed 2 years ago and is still missed dearly.

Spaz – my best humane society adoption besides Caine.  He hugged me the day I met him and that’s when I knew he had to come home with me.  He would fetch squishy balls and hair ties!  He knew when he was trouble for jumping on counters or the table and when I would yell his name, he would take off and hide under the bed!  Unfortunately, he caught an incurable disease and passed as well 3 years ago.

Pets need love and, often, we need help.

I often have friends and family that turn to me for help with their pets – they call me the research Queen.  Always finding answers to the most common needs and concerns.  When I’m in doubt, I go to my Vet around the corner and ask a broad set of questions to any ailments my pets experience, or just general questions about the future of my pets.

Because I’ve been raising them for so long and have experienced all sorts of concerns, I’d like to pass this along to those in need.

So where do you go for quality information?

Hopefully you find the information that I want to share helpful and insightful.

If there’s ever any questions you might have, simply ask! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it easily for you.

Here’s to your furry best friends,


Founder of Katrina’s Pet Apparel


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