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Dog Paw Wipes

It’s that time of year when the snow is melting in Alaska. I don’t know about you, but every time I let the dogs out, they get dirty paws. So, what do I do about dirty paws? I use dog paw wipes. However, after living in Alaska and dealing with breakup every year, I’ve learned not all dog paw wipes are good.

What do I mean as a good dog paw wipe? Well, the ones that aren’t so full of chemicals that my dog can’t lick their paws after. Some are not meant for ingestion. They are full of chemicals that our dogs aren’t supposed to lick. And, while you might think that if it’s a product made for dogs, that it would be okay, they all aren’t.

What Do I Look For?

So, what do I look for in a good wipe? Natural ones, of course. And, ones that actually clean! It’s going to sound gross right now, but in Alaska, we see poop mud about this time of year. See, it snows a lot up here. Over the course of the winter, our dogs go out to do their business.

But, before the poop can be scooped, snow falls over it. So, naturally, over the course of six months, poop gets buried. I know, it’s gross to think about it, but hey, they have to do their business.

So, come Spring time when the snow is melting, you can see all the gifts left behind over the course of the winter. Those brown piles that turn to mush. Sure, I try to clean them all up. I mean, it’s pretty gross, actually. However, because the temperatures vary so much, it’s slush, then ice. Then slush, then ice.

A Shovel Doesn’t Always Work.

We have dedicated shovels just for the areas where our dogs do their business. We have scoopers and bags galore. It doesn’t always work. The stuff gets down deep and the dogs, for some unknown reason, can’t seem to step around the mess. With the impeccable nose they’re gifted with, you’d imagine they’d go around. But, no, not my Atlas.

So, every time she comes in from outside, I make sure to wipe her paws. After several times of her going out the doggie door without me knowing, I know to watch! I’ve come into the living room several times to find paw prints. And not the cute kind. Nope, these are brown. Ew. And, they cover the entire floor where she walked. Until you see them fade away after a good fifteen feet of walking in circles.

After a thorough cleaning so many times, I know better. Be watchful. Keep a really good rug by the door. Halt her before she steps into the room. I keep the wipes right next to the dog door. “Hang on Baby, let Mommy see your paws.” Clean, clean, clean.

Which Dog Paw Wipes Work Best?

Now, over the course of several years, I’ve learned about wipes. The dog paw wipes I’m in love with right now are the Well Good Paw and Bum Wipes. Citrus scented. They’ve had coconut scented in the past which I also loved! But any scent is good when it comes to wiping those dirty paws!  And, they’re only $6.99!

Dog Paw Wipes
$11.99 at Petco

As far as other dog paw wipes, there are also sanitizing wipes that I’ve used in the past. The ones I’ve tried are PAWZ Sanipaw Wipes. A little more expensive than the Well Goods, but they work good. The thing I do like about the Sanitizing ones is they contain Aloe Vera in them.

I will note, that not all dogs like Aloe. It works on skin and paws well, but some dogs may get sick from ingesting it. Only one of my dogs doesn’t seem to do well with these. So, I stick with the Well Good wipes more often than not.

Final Words on Dog Paw Wipes.

I’m sure I’ve thoroughly grossed my readers out now. All this talk of poo mud and all. But hey, in Alaska, it’s just a fact we deal with every Spring. Our poor babes can’t help it. Well, Atlas anyway. She just steps wherever she lands. My other dogs will walk around the mess, but her? Not so much.

So, a good rug that’s washable and good wipes at hand. I keep them right by the doggie door. I don’t want anymore brown paw prints all over the house. Besides, her paws are always clean and smell like lemons. So, it’s a win anyway.

How about you? What do you experience come Spring where you live? Do you experience the same tragedy as Alaska? Snow melting, brown underlay? Ew. How do you take care of it during the melting?

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4 thoughts on “Dog Paw Wipes – Clean Paws, Clean Homes

  1. Hey Katrina,

    This is such an important article for dog owners, and I wasn’t grossed out. My friends and family members who have dogs could really do with this article and the paw wipes that you are describing. I don’t know why they don’t visit your site more often.

    So, as always I am going to share this article with them and I am going to tell them to buy these wipes as it will keep their own homes a lot cleaner.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Tom,

      It is important to have a clean home, especially now. In fact, yesterday, Atlas went out without me knowing about it and came in, jumped on my bed and I immediately smelled it. I jumped up, ran to grab the wipes and started cleaning her paws. Then, I had to wash everything. 🙁 She’s so used to the wipes now though, that she came to me without me even calling her, and turned her back paws to me. She already knew! She’s too cute!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. This post had me cracking up and also appreciating life in hot Jamaica. Thanks for writing a wonderful post and educating us about dog wipes. I totally agree with going with what is healthy for our furry babies. We need to leave the chemically loaded ones on the shelf.

    1. That’s great Josephine! I’m glad that it made you laugh! It’s just so important up here in Alaska right now. I do miss the warmer climates when you don’t have to worry about this stuff, but, Alaska is my home nonetheless.

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this one!


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