Pet Armour Ear Mite & Tick Treatment for Dogs – Review

Product: Pet Armour Ear Mite & Tick Treatment for Dogs Pet Armour Eat Mite Treatment

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Pet Armour Ear Mite & Tick Treatment for Dogs.

About a month ago, my dog had some weird looking stuff in her ear that resembled crumbled up coffee grinds. I didn’t know what it was at first; initially I thought maybe she played too rough with other dogs.   I worried she had gotten injured in her ear.   Taking her to the vet, I was informed that she had ear mites.

Ear mites are pretty common for dogs to get, and they’re very contagious between dogs when they play together. I wrote an article that you can view by clicking here on the symptoms of what to look for if you think your dog has mites.

Ear mites are actually very easy to get rid of.   They just take a long time to kill off.  The solution that I ended up just buying was an over the counter medicine.  It was cheaper that way and has done a great job of killing them off.

It’s the life cycle of these mites that takes the longest – about 30 days.   Atlas is almost done with her treatment at this point.   Her ear is looking really good now, but I do think a few more days of treatment and they’ll all be dead.

What To Look For In The Treatments.

With the Pet Armour Ear Mite & Tick treatment for dogs, one thing I like is that there’s aloe in this solution.  Some contain other cooling ingredients in order to help soothe the ear as well.   Often times with mites, the dogs will scratch insistently and that can cause them severe pain and discomfort.

Be sure to look for treatments that include oils – that’s what kills the mites through suffocation, as well as the soothing aspects. Pet Armour Ear Mite & Tick treatment for dogs contains petroleum ingredients as well as Pyrethrins.   These are the ingredients needed to suffocate the mites.

In the article I mentioned above, the mites actually don’t bite the dog; they simply feed on the dog’s ear wax.   This can cause damage to the dogs ear because it harms their natural eco system.    They depend on this ecosystem, and, the insistent scratching can eventually lead to infection.   The last thing you want is an infection in your pets ear since this can be costly to remedy and only a vet can do this.

My Overall Rating.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I picked out the right treatment for my dog.   But over a few days she actually started to look forward to the drops I put in her ear.   Most likely because it started to feel better and she eventually scratched less.  I had to stop her in the beginning since she scratched her ear often at the beginning of treatment.  Poor girls ear started to become hot and red; I felt really bad that she was going through this.

In just 3 days time, her ear looked better.  Now, after about a month, it looks pretty cleared up.  I only say I’ll continue to use the drops to ensure all the eggs are dead of course.

So, I give this treatment 5 stars. I like the aloe in it – the soothing part.  I also like that it’s very oily, which they need.  Lastly, the cost is minimal compared to the vet’s cost, so that’s a huge plus in my book.

If you think your dog has mites – remember, look for coffee grinds in their ear – then you can buy this treatment by clicking here!  Be sure you take care of your pets ear in order to prevent further damage these mites can cause down the road.  I’m glad I caught them when I did.

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    1. It definitely helps with the irritation. I’m going to be posting a video on how to apply this treatment to work most effectively as well. You can view it on YouTube at Hurricane Bullies.



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