Why Dog Bathrobes Might Be Needed

Dogs Bathrobe

Why dog bathrobes might be needed.  I’ve been seeing more lately as they seem to be growing in popularity. I don’t have a bathrobe for my dog personally, but I can see why some people do.  Dogs Bathrobe

I have two very small dogs and when they’re done with bath time, they’re cold. It takes them a while to dry and this makes them shiver. One of my dogs, the smallest, requires to be blow-dried after her baths. If I don’t blow dry her. She takes a very long time to dry naturally.

On top of the time it takes her to dry off, she shivers furiously. I usually have to wrap her in the towel in order to keep her warm. Not the towel I used to dry her off either, but a new towel. A dry one. This just causes more laundry for me, too.

Let’s first look into how often you should bathe your pups.

Then, onto why a bathrobe could be a good addition.

Dogs get cold quickly, so I can see why it would help.

Lastly, their fur simply takes a long time to dry.

Bath Time for Pups.

I don’t know about my readers, but I bathe my pups on a regular basis. My long haired Chihuahua just got a fur cut around her booty area. I know this sounds weird, but every time she goes out, she pees and it sticks to her fur. It’s disgusting! She’s a white dog and I can see the yellow stains around her booty. So, she gets a bath.

I did cut the fur around that area last time she got a bath, hoping to keep the pee from sticking. It kind of worked, but it’s still a little long. I might have to pull my pet clippers out soon and shave her booty, but that’s for another article, another day.

As for my other two dogs, I bathe them when they get into something or just feel dusty in general. I try not to give them baths too often since it can be bad for their skin. However, I use a natural dog wash. Burts Bees Oatmeal is what I currently use right now for them. This dog wash helps keep them soft, doesn’t hurt their eyes and helps keep them from shedding too much.

After bath time, my short haired dogs get cold easily. So the bathrobe could be a good addition for them to stay warm after.

Why Dog Bathrobes Might Be Needed.

As I mentioned above, I think it’s a neat idea. Instead of using a large, clean towel to dry her off, I could use the smaller bathrobe for her. This would help dry her off, and keep her more warm. I will mention, I’m not sure if she’ll just drag herself around the floor with the robe on. That is a possibility.

From what I’ve seen and heard, other dog owners love their bathrobes they’ve bought their dogs. I’d imagine they would mention whether the dog drags itself across the floor wearing one. Although, I suppose I could be the first to video that. Would be a hoot to watch, that’s for sure.

Dogs Bathrobe My small dog also loves to crawl under my bed if I don’t blow dry her off. Once she’s dry, she stops the skidding across the floor and under my bed. This is why I usually dry her off, very, very well.

They Get Cold When Wet.

As I’ve mentioned, dogs can get very cold when they’re wet. Think about yourself in a colder climate (if you live in a warm climate). In Alaska, it’s only 45 degrees F today and it’s getting colder everyday. While in the house, it’s 70 degrees F, it’s still chilly when you step out of the shower.

Now, imagine yourself stepping out of the bath or shower and staying wet. You’re going to get cold. Shivering unwillingly, you’ll look for ways to dry off. Dogs do shake, yes, and I’ve tried to shake like them. It hurts my head, don’t try it. This is why my dogs like to do the floor crawl to dry off. Though, with wood floors it doesn’t work so well. But they try.

Their fur simply doesn’t dry quickly. Why?

Fur Doesn’t Dry Quickly.

Fur is thick and takes a long time for air to reach the inner parts of their coat. Their fur has different layers to it. They have the rough outer part of the fur which is what you feel when you pet them. But they have an under coat as well. This under coat is what helps keep them warm, and cool in the heat.

Because the inner layer is more like a down layer, it takes a while to air dry. It’s like the underside of a woman’s head. When we allow our hair to air dry, the top layer dries quickly. However, under all that hair, it stays wet for a longer period. If you step outside when it’s 45 out there, you’re going to feel instantly cold.

Now imagine how your dog feels when they have an entire body that’s wet after that bath. Especially if they have to go out because the water made them have to pee. “Brrr.”

Now I Can See Why The Dogs Bathrobe Might Be Needed.

Dogs Bathrobe with Wings

I’ve pretty much convinced myself during this article why a bathrobe would be handy to have around. I hate using six towels for three dogs when I give them baths. It’s kind of a pain to wash all that. Normally, when I give one a bath, I give all three a bath because I’m already there. Already doing the chore.

It would be handy to wrap them up and keep them warm while I bathe the other two or last one. It would help absorb the water from the fur, and once taken off, they might be dry. Even if they crawl under the bed, at least it would keep the dust bunnies from sticking to them. Normally, I have to chase them around to keep them from going under there. Might be helpful to just have the bathrobe take the majority of the dust versus their fur.

I can see the many uses of these and why they’ve grown in popularity. Even on Tik Tok I’ve seen a lot of videos with dogs in PJ’s and robes lately.

Here’s where I’ll shop for mine. If you want the same discount and personalization, just click this link. Plus, I love the clothes from here. I’m sure you will too.

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16 thoughts on “Why Dog Bathrobes Might Be Needed

  1. This cracks me up. Mainly because I envision my 80 lb Goldendoodle in a bathrobe.
    We live in Wisconsin where it certainly does get cold. So a bathrobe would be in order.
    Luckily we get our Buddy groomed regularly so we rarely need to bathe him ourselves.
    I think the groomer would be happy to send him in the house in a bathrobe instead of
    using the blow dryer on him as he barks for the full 30 minutes it takes her to dry him.
    My head hurts when I shake it too. :o)

    Fun article, thank you.

    1. Teresa,

      I know, seeing a big dog in the bathrobe would be funny to me too! But it makes so much sense. After I started thinking about it, I’m like, yeah, I could see this working actually. At first, I didn’t think it would be needed or remotely anything I would buy, but I have 3 on order. I convinced myself while writing about it. It definitely makes sense and I’d imagine it would help dry them off better than I can!

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed this one!


  2. I’m looking for a unique gift for a family member who loves her dog, more than anything else in the world!
    I’m not sure why her pampered pet doesn’t have a personalized robe yet, but I’m thinking that this will make her day.
    It’s not extremely cold where we live, but having a wet dog running around the house is not attractive, so a robe sounds like a good solution.
    I’ll check out your shop for options.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Andrew! I have 3 on order now, so I’m excited for them to come in. I hate when my dogs are wet and running around the house making a mess, so I’m very excited to try these out! It sounded silly at first until I realized how wet they stay for so long after bath time! Then I told myself, it makes sense. I can see this making things so easy!

      Hope you enjoy them as much as I anticipate! Thanks!


  3. That’s such an interesting thought. Bathrobes for dogs. And I see the obvious advantages of it too. The only problem is that the pet will hardly let that robe stay on. my cuties won’t let a jacket stay on if they can pull it off.
    But I like the idea a lot.

    1. Hi Aparna,

      I have to admit, if your dog hates clothes, they most likely won’t like the robe of course. My two females do a weird dance when I pull out their clothes tote, so they love being in clothes. It usually means we’re going somewhere, so that’s probably why, but my big dog LOVES clothes. Anytime I pull out her tote and put it on the bed, she jumps up and starts sifting through the clothes with her nose looking for her sweaters. It’s too cute to watch! I’ll have to post a video of that soon!



  4. Hi Katrina.

    An interesting products site – bitchnewyork.com Effective mind you but the obvious other thought did occur to me!

    I’ve not long relocated to Ireland and as we are heading into winter this is a great little suggestion for my Toy Poodle. He’s the fidgety type but definitely worth the investment.

    A good read though so thank you for sharing.

    1. Jason,

      I’m glad you got a kick out of my site! I do post a lot of things for cold weather, but of course I live in Alaska so I’m biased to cold climates and often think about my dogs in the weather up here. If I wqs back in Hawaii, I’d imagine I would post for hot climates more often. I think we often post things based on where we live and the experiences we’ve had.

      Hopefully you can find things that work for your poodle! Definitely keep her warm since they tend to run cold like most small dogs.


  5. These are actually a great idea, you don’t really think of you dog getting cold but when you put it like that, having all the wet fur all over their bodies in a cold climate, it is making me shiver just thinking about it.

    Do you know if they mind wearing them?

    1. Hi Amy,

      My dogs love clothing (except my male) so I bet mine would love the robes. It all depends on each persons dog and what they like. Just like with humans, dogs definitely know what they like and what they don’t. I’m always amazed at how emotional some dogs are. I actually wrote a neat article on dogs’ emotions. You should check it out! You’ll love it I’m sure. https://akhurricanebullies.com/can-dogs-feel-emotions/

      As for dogs that LIKE clothing, they’d like the robes. But some dogs just don’t like clothes and tear them off, so regardless if it keeps them warm, they’re going to get out of them if they don’t like them. Try on a shirt that you have lying around to test your dog out. It might take a few tries to see if your dog likes clothes, but from experience, most males hate clothing. Females are usually different and like clothing. I started dressing mine as pups, but the male still hates it. My females on the hand, they both LOVE clothing. They’re weird! I love them!

      Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed this one!


  6. Hi Katrin!
    Thanks for sharing this post. You convinced me that a dog definitely needs a bathrob after taking shower or bath. I have the chihuahua one and she doesn’t like to take a bath at all even we have a very warm apartments, maybe she feels cold also despite the pretty warm temperature. I think it could be a good idea to try the bathrob for her. Which one from the middle – priced could you recommend?

    1. Hi Alex,

      I ordered just the $37 ones. I know what they’re going to do with them already, so I didn’t order the expensive ones. They’re going to run under my bed and crawl around on the dust bunnies. The last thing I want is to see them rolling around in a $60 robe! That’s how much my robe cost….
      Plus, I’m going to be washing these often – every bath time – so I opted for the cheaper ones. Not only that, my Bully, Atlas, well, she’s exactly as her name implies, a Bully. She’s barrels around the house like a mini rhino, so she’s not getting anything expensive except a vet bill. Plus, she likes to tear things apart….I usually have cotton all over my house from some poor soul of a toy she got a hold of. The poor toys never stand a chance against her will, so, you know, less expensive is better for her.

      As for the small dogs, they don’t chew things up. But Buttons is only 2lbs, so she can’t destroy anything except ear drums with her yaps. Clothing though, lasts her forever. She might be one I get a slightly more expensive one for, but I’m waiting for these ones to come in first. I want to test them out first and see what they all think!

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed this one!


  7. great article.
    I actually did not know that these were dog bathrobes. I usually think people put these on just to make their dogs look cool or something.
    I have seen all sorts of these like ones of soccer teams.
    I am not sure if they are also bathrobes since they have these on their dogs in town.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      Do dogs play soccer where you’re at? I’ve never seen that, but sounds cute! I’d imagine the dogs just run after the balls really. 🙂 I think they’re good to have for after bath time, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for reading my article! Glad you enjoyed it!


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