Dog Clothes – Why They’re Necessary.

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So you’re looking for dog clothes? You’ve come to the right place. While I normally don’t write about something so vague as just dog clothes, I felt that I should cover some areas that I’ve had my readers comment on, as well as some common concerns and questions that I might be able to answer for my audience.

First off, why do people dress their dogs up in clothes? Well, if you live in a cold climate is one reason. Two, maybe your dog is always cold. Three, you might have an elderly dog that should be kept warm since as they age, they tend to lose weight from not eating as much as they used to, and their bones are more brittle, muscle mass is lower, they’re simply just getting older like we humans do when we age. Lastly, maybe they’re anxious a lot, shake a lot and need the comfort of clothing.

There’s so many reasons that I put clothing on my dogs and they match most of the reasons above. So let’s dive into some of these reasons more in depth.

Cold Climates.

I’ve covered this in the past, with several articles, actually. But I’ve had some recent comments on my articles that ask is it really necessary to put my dogs in clothing, and don’t I see that as cruelty to animals. Let me start with saying, I live in Alaska.

This isn’t an explanation by itself, but, if you know the weather up here at all, then you know that my dogs that are naked on their stomach’s have to wear clothing when it’s cold out. This morning, it was 37 degrees F. I mentioned before that if you walk outside partially naked at this temperature, you’re going to get cold. If a dog has short fur, they’re going to get cold.  They need dog clothes.

If I lived in Florida, I doubt I would dress my dogs up, especially in sweaters, there’s just no need for it. Up here, in the winter, it’s extremely cold though. I’ve watched my dogs shiver uncontrollably, to the point of near hypothermia and it’s scary. Sweaters HAVE to be worn in cold climates if you have a dog that has short fur.

Same for cats that are the hairless cats. Not only do you have to use sunscreen on them in the sun, but they have to wear sweaters in any temperature that is below 70 degrees F. They get too cold and they need protection.

Maybe Your Dog is Always Cold.

Not only do I have dogs with short fur, I also have two small Chihuahuas’s. My smallest only weighs 2.5 lbs, so naturally, she shivers a lot. I have friends that ask me why my dog is always shaking, and I simply reply that she’s always cold.   I’m cold all the time, too.   Today, it’s now 57 degrees F out, the sun is shining, but I’m still cold as I sit here and type this up. I have my fuzzy warm slippers on.   My dogs are curled up under blankets to stay warm with me.  Another reason they need dog clothes.

If I decided to take them out for a walk, knowing that they’re cold right now, I would be a terrible dog Mom if I didn’t put them in sweaters knowing that they’re already cold. Not good. So, if you have a dog that’s always cold, they should have clothing to keep them warm and to make them feel safe.

Elderly Dogs.

As mentioned above, elderly dogs start to eat less as they age. I have several friends that have older dogs that are always dressed in sweaters even in the summer up here because their dog is always cold. Like humans, as we get older, we tend to feel more cold and it hits deep in our bones.

Dogs are no different.

I had an elderly dog before she passed that was always shivering, she was always cold. She was difficult to put sweaters on at 14 years old though because her bones were so brittle and she fell a lot. She had a dedicated blanket that I would cover her with to keep her warm during the day and it was instant that the shaking would stop.

Its animal cruelty to not care for your dog and make sure that they’re protected in the best way possible. Just like with the elderly we care for, dogs need the same care.

Dogs Get Anxiety.

I’ve had several small dogs in my life, and small dogs are notorious for always shaking. They get very anxious and nervous just being around people in general that they don’t know. Sometimes with nervous dogs, having the comfort of a sweater on helps them to feel wrapped, warm and safe.

I’ve seen a lot of friends with small dogs that are always in a sweater because they say, once they take it off, their dog starts to shake. Shaking uncontrollably can actually lead to dogs having seizures, so it’s important to try to prevent that.

My small Chihuahuas’s shake not only from the cold, but from nerves as well. I do my best to ensure that they feel safe, comfortable and warm when they start shaking. It’s just good pet parenting.

Final Word on Dog Clothes.

While many might feel it’s a bad thing to put dogs in clothes, you can see from my examples above that there are plenty of reasons to actually dress your dog. If you live in warm climates, or your dog hates clothes, don’t dress them. But it’s negligent to live in a very cold climate and not take measures to protect your dog from getting frostbite on their paws, or extremely cold and ill from not being protected in sweaters and coats.

Just like with us, they need warm layers when you take them out. Up here, it’s already cold, my future daughter-in-law is under a thick blanket, my dogs are under blankets, it’s cold up here. August/September isn’t the hottest month of the year like it was down South when I lived there. September means, winter is headed our way and the frost has already made it’s way to us.

Caring for my pets and ensuring they’re warm like me, well, should come naturally if you have pets. And let’s not forget about those naked cats! They definitely need protection, even in the heat.

What climate do you live in? Do you make sure your dogs are warm or cool?

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4 thoughts on “Dog Clothes – Why They’re Necessary.

  1. Hi, Love your article, I had a small dog like the one on the picture and I’m from Canada so when the cold “Automne” start he wouldn’t co out without his little sweater.

    These little puppies can freeze so fast here in the winter so they go out not more than 10 min. Always with his sweater.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Line,

      Yes, it’s the same here in Alaska. I was out camping this last weekend since it’s the last of the season before winter starts setting in for us and it got down to 34 degrees F for us after the sun set. All my dogs started shivering in that temperature, so I had all their sweaters with them so they were warm when they went out to the bathroom. At night, they all slept under the blankets with us since our furnace in the RV took a poop, so it was pretty cold at night.

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for reading!


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