Hemp For Dogs – The Benefits Of It


There are a lot of benefits when it comes to Hemp for dogs and other natural products made specifically for petsĀ  Recently, I wrote about giving my elder dog, Annie, CBD for dogs since she was getting pretty old at 14 years old and having a hard time walking or doing anything.

Pets are prone to getting the same illnesses that humans do, and just like with humans, we look for the natural forms of medicine since we know the chemically made ones can have some negative side effects. It’s the same with our pets, we don’t want to put a bunch of chemicals in them, especially since we know that in order for the doses to be exact, a vet must be the one to prescribe medications. We can’t simply go to a local pharmacy and ask for help; they don’t know the answers that the vets do.

Different Forms Of Hemp For Dogs.

Hemp products come in a lot of different forms, especially if you shop for products online. There are liquid forms, pill forms, treats, toys, etc. I have hemp treats for Atlas, my Pocket Bulldog that she loves. I usually only need to give her one treat a day and while you don’t see the benefits immediately, I know that I’m giving her treats that are healthy for her, and she loves them.

Oil form is another of Atlas’ favorites and whenever I would give a dopper full to Annie, Atlas would be right there trying to lick any remaining droplets from Annie’s mouth. If the product is tasty, your dog will love it! Not all manufacturers are equal when it comes to making the hemp products taste good, so be sure to shop around.

Why Choose Hemp Based Products?

Hemp in general has a lot of medicinal qualities to it, even for humans. People are now finding out that hemp is not the same as a THC based product, which is the drug form of marijuana. Anything hemp has no drug induced side effects, but it has all the natural medicinal qualities that we want.

If your dog has any sort of joint issues, digestive issues, etc, you’ll start to notice the difference fairly quickly after getting your dog some quality hemp made products. When I needed some really quality products, I went to Canna-Pet and found some on that website; those seemed to be the favorites of my dogs.

The Benefits Of Hemp For Dog Are Endless.

If you’ve read my previous articles, you know that I’m a true believer in hemp for dogs, especially older dogs with joint issues as well as CBD. Near the end of Annies life, she wouldn’t eat unless she had her daily dose of hemp or CBD. She had a hard time walking, she didn’t sleep well and was up all night coughing; she was in fact getting very old.

Some other medicinal benefits with hemp for dogs include helping dogs with the following issues:

  • Cancer
  • Digestive & Nausea
  • Anxiety and Phobia’s
  • Joint Issues and Mobility Issues
  • Pain and Inflammation Issues
  • Epilepsy & Seizures
  • Aging & Wellness
  • Skin & Allergies
  • Infectious Diseases

The list is endless when it comes to the benefits for dogs and the hemp products you can get for them. I saw directly the benefits with giving my pets hemp based products, especially with the aging and mobility issues that my older dog had. I took videos of her one week barely walking to go outside, and the next week she was running around playing with Atlas who was only 7 months old at the time. The difference in her demeanor one week to the next was truly amazing.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

Just like any new diet or regimen for your pets, there could be some side effects with changing up their diet. But, there’s no side effects like there would be with chemical based products. Hemp is a natural plant based product, so the only side effects I potentially see would be any allergies to the other ingredients in the products. The main ingredient of course would be hemp, but there are other ingredients in the treats and other products as well to make the products.

Since I’m not a veterinarian, the best advice I offer to anyone, is get your vets approval first before changing up anything you give your pets. For Annie, I knew that she needed help and I looked at natural products and she was fine with it along with my other dogs. But as a precautionary measure, if you’re worried, get your vets approval.

Where To Buy The Best Products.

As mentioned above, I went to Canna-Pet for a lot of the products that I was really focused on giving Annie. I had liquid forms, pill forms and treats. I tried everything with her to help her during the last leg of her journey called life, and I know that she was better for it. Prior to giving her hemp she had a really hard time doing anything that dogs need to do, like eat and go outside to go to the bathroom.

While I can’t make any promises on any other dogs, again, I’m not a vet, I can say that my dog was so much better after getting her the natural stuff versus the chemical stuff. Giving her the meds that were diagnosed, I noticed that her appetite wasn’t really any better, in fact she was vomiting more after the chemical products. Her stool turned black like tar, and she just started falling apart. I went to the hemp and CBD and she was acting better each day.

The products really made a huge impact on her health and well-being, and I’m happy that I was able to get her something to help her with her pain before she finally passed. Looking back on things, I would’ve gotten her the hemp products earlier in her life and I believe it would’ve helped her joint pain early on, versus watching her struggle like she did.

Check out Canna-Pet and see what you think for yourself. After all, they have a guarantee.

What has worked for your pets? Where do you go for natural products that help with ailments?

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6 thoughts on “Hemp For Dogs – The Benefits Of It

  1. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was searching online when I saw your post, my dog has been having joint issues so I searched but wasnt so sure about what to do but after reading your article, I am fully enlightened, and know what step to take,thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    1. Awesome, I’m glad that my review helped. Hemp and CBD are both such great products for dogs that have joint issues. I found that with both of them combined, they worked better than glucosamine which is also for joint health.
      Hopefully you’re able to find some products that work for you! I wrote an article on CBD as well – I found a great place to buy it. You can find that article here if you wish to see my thoughts on it – https://katrinaspetapparel.com/cbd-and-pets-does-it-work/

      Thanks for reading my review,

  2. Hello dear, thanks for sharing this useful information on hemp for dogs, the benefits behind it. Generally hemp has so many advantages to it’s uses even to human being. This is exactly what my neighbor needs, he has a dog and sometimes does complain of  joint pains about his dog. I know he’s going to find this really useful.

    1. The hemp will definitely help your neighbors dog out that’s older. It was a lifesaver for my oldest dog that was 14 years old. Hopefully he’s able to find the right hemp products for his dog.

      Thanks for reading,

  3. Hello Katrina! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. This is actually my first time knowing that hemp products can help my  Skin and Allergies. I can’t wait to purchase one for my pet. Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I find it very helpful for me.

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