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Big dogs clothing can be hard to find, unless you know where to look.  There are a lot of websites where you can order big dogs clothing, but not all are good sites and some have clothing that falls apart fairly quickly.   I’m here to help with some other options for sites where you can order the clothing that will fit your big dogs.

In a recently published article, I talked about small dogs wearing clothing going outside.   I didn’t touch much on the big dogs clothing side of things.   I mention that I do dress my dogs up when I take them out with me.  Not on all occasions of course, but often enough that I want to write about where I shop for them.  It’s not always about the small dogs, right?

Different Options Out There For Big Dogs Clothing.

There are a lot of clothing types for big dogs, you just have to know where to look.   The options are almost endless on what you can buy your dogs, especially online.   We’re talking T-Shirts, tank tops, sweaters, vests, rain coats, winter coats, swim suits, etc.  Honestly, it’s endless online – the options.   In some of my older articles, I mentioned Amazon as a great place to buy, but as of recently, not everything that I’ve been getting from Amazon is good quality.  So, I had to start shopping elsewhere I’m afraid.

When it comes to spending money, I’m sure a lot of you are like me, you don’t want bad quality.  It’s like taking a $20 bill and lighting it on fire, poof, it’s gone. What a terrible way to spend your money, especially in these economic times right now.

Quality Vs Quantity.

This saying isn’t just for items that we buy for ourselves, right?   I think as we all reach a certain point where we realize it’s not about how much you have.  Rather, it’s about the quality of the items and how long these items will last.   Take for example a sweater that you buy for $10 on sale at some random trendy store.   You wear it once and you realize that absolutely love this sweater.  Then you go to wash it for the first time and realize it’s coming apart at the seams.   What a nightmare!

So, as time passes, you start looking for more quality items.   When you spend a little more, say $50 on a nice sweater but it lasts for 6 years of constant washing, you feel you got a good deal.   It’s the same with pets clothes.  You don’t want them falling apart in the first wash cycle.

Different Sites To Buy From.

Recently, I’ve started really liking is Bitch New York.   They’re fairly new in the dogs clothing world, but they have some really cute clothes and they’re great quality.  They’re not expensive comparatively, but I find the quality surpasses that of Amazon.

Petco is another place I like to order from on a regular basis.   Petco will sometimes have some really cute clothes locally when I shop in the stores in my city.   Unfortunately,  often they’re out of the larger sizes for my big dog so I have to order online.   Shopping online is no biggie for me though.   I shop online often in Alaska, since we’re pretty limited to what we can get a hold of because of where we’re at.

Why T-Shirts?

So I mentioned in the title, T-Shirts.   Why?   It’s summer of course! I  ‘m not putting my dog in a sweater right now when it’s 75 degrees out.   And for you that live South, 75 F is very warm for Alaska.   Now is the time when I’m dressing my dogs up in T-Shirts.  Winter they wear sweaters and coats.

There are so many options for T-Shirts on the sites that I mentioned above, too.  I haven’t ordered a ton of them –  I’m not doing that well in this economy.   But as I’ve mentioned in the past, I buy clothing every once in a while.   Their wardrobe builds over time so that when they reach the age of 5, they have a decent amount of options for me to choose from.

Besides, my dogs love being dressed up.   They prance around, love the attention and do this tail wag that lets me know they’re excited to be going out with me.  If your dog looks miserable, you might want to skip buying any clothing.   Harry, my male, hates clothes.  I don’t mention him and clothing in any of my clothing articles, because I’m not cruel and dress him up just to do it.   So, he stays home during the winter.

My females though, they love it!   So I continue to buy them cute clothing.  If you have a small dog, this article here will peak your interest.

Final Words on Big Dogs Clothing.

For you with big dogs out there, there is hope.   There are a lot of options for big dogs clothing, especially T-Shirts, so check out the links I’ve provided and poke around.   You’ll be surprised how much your dog will actually like wearing a shirt once they have it on and get all the attention.   If you have extra kids clothing lying around and you want to test your dogs reaction first, throw a kids T-Shirt on them, see how they react.

I’ve been dressing my female dogs up since they were pups, so they’re used to it.   They know that when it’s time for an outfit and that means they’re going for a ride with me.  They’re going inside stores and they’re going to get treats.   When I see that tail wagging, the feet dancing, the big smile on their face, I know they’re happy and excited.

You don’t need to buy a large amount of clothing.  But having a couple of outfits on hand is nice when you want to take them for a walk downtown, or to the dog park or just around the neighborhood.   Dog clothing is becoming more popular and there are a lot of new sites out there with different options to choose from.   It’s not just pet stores anymore that sell clothes, there are retailers dedicated to dog clothing everywhere now, and many of them have some great options.

What do you dress your dogs up in? Post pictures for the world to see below!

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4 thoughts on “Big Dogs Clothing – T-Shirts

  1. Hahha, I enjoyed reading your article. 

    I have a husky named Zero and he’s kinda overweight, so I hope I can finally help him find the perfect t-shirt. He doesn’t really like to wear them though. Money isn’t really the problem here though.

    Any advice on that, something that can help him fall in love with wearing shirts?

    1. Hi Isaac,

      I found that when I dressed my dogs up and immediately gave them treats, they were super happy to have clothing on.  With my females, they naturally like to wear clothing, I find it’s the males that aren’t as into it sometimes.  I have a neighbor that’s been dressing their male in sports jerseys since he was a pup, so he’s used to it now.  I think it’s just getting them used to it.  

      In the cold is when it really matters that they’re comfortable wearing coats, sweaters and even hats.  Up here, it gets pretty cold sometimes and our dogs have short fur, so we like to make sure they’re protected.  

      Start with something easy, like a T-Shirt as you mentioned, and go from there.  Give treats, and take him out to other places that have treats and let him walk around and enjoy all the extra attention he gets.  He’ll really start to enjoy clothing after all the love!  

      Hope this helps!  


  2. Hi Katrina

    Nic article you have, great post. The write up is awesome and interesting to read through. I was looking for means to give my my dog a good look, have not purchased online clothing for my dog before now but looking to do that soon. Have click on the link great stuffs you gat there. 

    1. Thanks Peter!  Glad that my site was able to help you with some clothes for your dog.  I’ll continue to publish more clothing, so be on the lookout.  


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