Big Dog Coats

Big Dog Coat

It’s that time of year in most places now where we’re looking for big dog coats. Big dogs can be harder to shop for than medium dogs and even small dogs. Why? Coats fit differently and not all coats for dogs have stretch to them.

Where I live in Alaska, we’re definitely in full winter right now. This weekend it’s going to be very cold for us here and it’s important that dogs are kept warm in cold weather. In case you missed some reasons why dogs need coats, here are some articles here.

I write about big dogs often, simply because some people with big dogs have a really hard time finding those XX Large sizes. When I shop locally at pet stores, the largest size I can usually find is Large. If you have a 150lb German Shepherd, this doesn’t work for them.

Dog Coats – How They Differ.

Big dog coats will differ in material and how they’re made. Some coats for dogs are Velcro, and in the past, I’ve had a really hard time with Velcro. I prefer zippers and buttons. However, it’s sometimes hard to find those styles and often you have to be a master seamstress to be able to fix the problem.

Some sites though, like Bitch New York will have a larger variety of coats to choose from. On their site, they actually have quite a few that are the pullover style which I prefer. Knowing that Velcro can be a pain in the arse, the pullover eliminates that all together.

Now that you know that I favor BNY, where else can you shop?

Best Places to Shop.

BNY is my favorite dog shop, but I also shop from Petco on a regular basis as well. Petco will have some hit-and-miss items, so I advise looking at the reviews from other dog owners before buying coats. I say this because, if you’re buying a dog coat that can cost you about $50, you want quality. Something that will last for a few seasons minimally.

Of course, I’d rather buy a top quality coat that I know my dog can wear year after year. It’s like winter coats for us. We want a coat that will last us a while. Not something that we’ll need to replace after two years. My coat, which is a North face, cost me $120. I would hate to have to get another coat after just a few seasons. Seems like a waste of money.

Same with dog coats. Don’t waste money on cheap clothing. Go for something that will last so that you don’t have to keep buying them. Unless your dog changes shape of course. Some dogs simply get bigger or smaller – weight-wise. That’s different for obvious reasons. If your dog fluctuates, get really, really stretchy material!

Coat Styles to Choose From.

Raincoat For DogsThere are a lot of styles to choose from no matter where you shop. I’ve even shopped at thrift stores in the past – it’s true! Some styles to choose from are winter Winter Coatstyle coats, rain style and simply sweaters. Depending on the weather where you live, you’ll want a coat that will suit your dogs needs.

Since it’s cold as heck where I live, I have sweaters, vests, coats and shoes for my dogs. I don’t necessarily dress them up in all of that at once. It depends on what you’re doing and where you’re going. If I’m going for a drive, I’ll bring a sweater and vest. If I’m walking them in the cold, I dress them in a sweater, coat and shoes. Your weather will dictate what’s best for your dog.

Size Charts.

Most sites that you can choose to shop from will have sizing charts on how to shop for your pets. Yes, this goes for people shopping for cats too. The chest circumference, the length of their body from the neck to their butt and their height. All these measurements play important factors in how to shop appropriately.

Size Chart for Dogs

Above you see a size chart that I’ve included from BNY as an example of how to size your dog. Some sites that are actually good sites will also give examples of breeds. Most breeds will be about the same size, though this can differ if you have a breed like Atlas. Since she’s an American Bully, the sizes of her breed vary widely.

Some breeds will even have different sizes like teacup sizes. Yes, those aren’t actual sizes according to any major kennel club (I know this). However, some sizes are just called teacups because there’s no other term that seems to fit the bill.

I have a very small Chihuahua and compared to Atlas, she’s very easy to shop for. She’s XX Small and often referred to as “teacup”.

Final Words on Big Dog Coats.

I know this article is catered to big dogs, but that’s only because they’re harder to shop for. Medium sized dogs tend to be easier in all honesty. It’s like the average size human. I wear a size 7 shoe, it’s very easy for me to find shoes for myself. Every single shoe company has size 7, they’re not always in stock though.

One of my daughters on the other hand is already in a size 9 womens. She likes shoes like mine, and it can be very hard to find her size on most sites, especially since she’s a wide size.

Like really big dogs, we have to really look for their sizes in order to find quality items. It’s not a matter of ordering just a medium and knowing it will fit.

Atlas is a unique dog in that she is very wide through her chest and shoulders, but very, very short. More often than not, I have to order her an XXL, but then it’s too long. I ordered her a Large once because I thought it would fit and the Velcro comes apart at her chest and it hangs off her shoulders. Now, if I was planning a model shoot for her, sure, that’d work. But no, I needed it for cold weather. Can’t keep her warm if it’s draped around her shoulders like an off the shoulder sweater.

Now you know where to shop for Big Dog Coats. Hope this helps you in your endeavor to find quality coats. Where have you shopped in the past?

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2 thoughts on “Big Dog Coats

  1. Hi there. Thanks for this unique niche. I had 2 Jack Russells. I had to put one down last summer. Every time I’d try to put them in raincoats or other kinds of clothes to protect them against the elements (including booties for the salt and snow), they HATED it. So I would take them to the park in their stroller and wrap them in blankets, then, when we’d get to the park, I’d take them out and let them play during the winter, only until I saw them shiver. Then I’d put them back in the stroller, wrap them in their warm blanket, and stroll them home. Some dogs just hate wearing coats. But this is a great article.

    1. Shalisha,

      Yes, some dogs hate clothing, I’ll attest to that. I have a male dog that hates clothing, but he still has to wear sweaters and coats to go outside. It’s just too cold to let him out without them. My females love their clothes. I’m going to video my Bully here soon, every time I grab their clothes bag out from it’s spot, she runs to the bag to sniff at it wondering what I’m putting her in and where we’re going. She gets so excited when I get her clothes out.

      But my females have been wearing clothing since they were pups. It’s just too cold in Alaska otherwise. I love that you have a stroller by the way! I wrote about pet strollers not long ago for people that want to walk their elderly pets or cats. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


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