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It’s that time of year right now where all of our dogs are shedding massive amounts of fur.   The fur that seems to be coming off of them is that fine hair that gets everywhere. Dogs shed typically twice per year.   They shed their winter coat and their summer coat.  So what dog combs for shedding are the best?

When dogs shed their winter coats, it’s a very fine fur that seems to stick to everything in its path.   This fur is the stuff that coats our clothes, our car seats, our furniture, everything!   To top this off, I have a couple of short haired dogs and it doesn’t matter that they’re short haired.  They still shed like crazy right now and I’m constantly having to brush them to help get this winter coat off.

Different Breeds = Different Sheds

Some breeds of dogs have very long fur like Husky’s, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.   With the long haired dogs, you’re going to get a house full of fur that can take you months to get rid of.   Not only that, but the fur loves to migrate to places that are sometimes next to impossible to reach, such as under the couches.   I actually have a long haired Chihuahua and while she’s a whopping 3 pounds wet, her fur is constantly getting everywhere.

I also have 2 short haired dogs.  But don’t let the short hair fool you.  They shed just as bad and their fur will actually stick inside your clothing versus just on the surface like my long haired dog.   Size also doesn’t seem to count for much when it comes to the amount of fur they can shed.   My small dog almost seems to shed just as much as my large breed dog.

Does Brushing or Combing Help?

So, you have a pooch that is shedding one of their coats.  You’ve thought about whether you should attempt to pet the fur off, or actually brush it off.   I’m here to tell you that brushing makes a huge difference in the amount of fur that you can help them shed.   I’ve tried just the petting method, and that seems to work okay, but not great.

After attempting the petting method, which was an epic fail, I went to buying different styles of brushes for dogs.   Not all brushes are created equally.   I learned that the hard way with my older dog that seemed like her shedding was a never ending battle.   She shed more than any other dog I’ve ever known in my life, including extremely long haired dogs.

Dog Brush

The Brush.

As mentioned above, I attempted a couple of styles of brushes that some helped, some not.   The last brush that I discarded not long ago was one that had long wire bristles on one side and soft bristles on the other side.  It worked okay for a while, I must admit.  It wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t quite get the job done to my satisfaction.  What I ended up having to do with this particular brush was use the long side for running up and down my dogs back to loosen the fur that was still stuck under their main coat.  This allowed the fur that was shedding to be brought to the surface of their coat.

This is when you can really see the amount of fur they’re shedding.

What Next?

Next, I would use the soft bristle side to comb the fur off the top of the coat, and use my fingers to clean the bristles as I go.   Mind you, I do this task outside every time.  Otherwise, fur will fly in your house and I’m not terribly fond of vacuuming for days to get rid of fur that flew everywhere.

After I’ve combed most of the top layer off, I then use the soft bristle side up and down my dogs back to really get loose the rest of the coat they’re shedding.  Now comes to really fun part where you get all the fine hairs that have been trapped under that coat.

If it’s a windy day outside while you’re doing this and the wind changes direction to blow towards you, I’m sorry, you’re about to get a face full of fur.

An Easier Way To Brush.

Maybe you’ve gone through the trial and tribulations that I had in my last experience with the brush that I finally threw away, and I’m sorry for that.  There actually was another brush that I found that helps with the shedding.   Because of its design, you don’t have to constantly use different sides of the brush in order to achieve the same result.

So I found a dog grooming brush that has little metal strips on it which is the brush itself.

However, the little strips have a claw-like feature that allows for the brush to get under their top coat and pull the finer coat that’s shedding up to the surface.   I’ve found that with this King Komb, I didn’t have to go through the lovely adventure of going up and down my dogs back in order to get their under coat to come to the surface.  Plus, it’s really easy to clean versus attempting to use my nails to grab super fine fur stuck in all the soft bristles of the brush.  Nothing can be more frustrating than attempting to clean that old brush out!

King Komb

Shedding Made Easy.

You might be stuck in your ways with your current dog brush, who knows.  But, there is an easier solution and I had to buy multiple brushes to come to this conclusion.  I wish I had found this long ago with my older dog that shed her weight in fur daily.  But that’s okay.  Now I know about this for my other dogs that are still shedding their winter coats since in Alaska.  It just became warm enough for them to shed.

A lot of other brushes that do the same thing as the King Komb can be way more expensive.  I’m not one to spend a fortune on brushes when I don’t have to. At the end of summer, I know that I won’t have to worry about my typical face full of fur, which I’m very excited about, since that seems to be my bi-annual treat.

For you dog lovers out there, what has worked best you over the seasons to help your dog shed?

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12 thoughts on “Dog Combs For Shedding – The Best

  1. Having had golden retrievers and now a groodle (poodle cross with golden retriever) for the past 30 years I understand. The experiments that we have tried are extensive. Your brush is to die for. We would spend hours chasing the new coats with only mediocre results. The other thing I am assuming is that as the brush works effectively the opportunity of your dog to drop hair everywhere it goes, you can clean up on the spot where you do the combing. Thanks again for the info.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Yes, the fur typically falls right to the ground, that’s why I like to do the combing outside, even with the King Komb. This way, I don’t make a mess in my home and with wood floors, the fur tends to act like tumbleweeds and with any slight movement, roll right under my couch.
      I understand with Golden Retrievers you probably have had a hard time with the shedding factor as well, they have extremely long fur and it’s very fine to top it off. I’m not sure on the poodle mix, I’m assuming they cross bred with the poodle because poodle’s don’t typically shed, they’re one of the few breeds that are hypoallergenic. That must be an awesome looking dog as well; very beautiful. I’ll have to look up that breed later since I’m curious about the golden curls.

      Thanks for reading, and hopefully the King Komb works for you if you decide ever to try it.


  2. Great article and looks like a great option for shedding dogs!  I’m going to recommend this to my friend whose dog sheds all over her house.  I also didn’t know dogs shed twice per year so I learned something new.  Years ago I had a cocker spaniel and he shed like crazy.

    I have 2 dogs but I don’t think they shed.  The breeder told me they have hair not fur.  Is that true?  

    1. Alyssa, 

      Yes,  some dog breeds have different types of fur.  Some also have been bred not to shed.  I would still groom them every month or so,  because like us,  their hair can become matted, or get knots and knots twist over time pulling on their skin so it can be very painful for them. 

      But you don’t need anything fancy for simple brushing.  Hope this helps your friend out though! My dogs shed a lot so it’s been great using a better tool to manage that!


  3. Hi Katrina – Congratulations on your discovery of King Komb.  When I was reading your description of what you have experienced with the shedding it reminded me of why I stayed away from owning a pet.  But I have to say, I fading fast and will probably end up with a canine companion.  So I will be bookmarking this post to enable me to acquire this valuable tool when I need it.  Thanks!

    1. Nathaniel, 

      Having dogs is definitely a challenge sometimes,  but when you find the right one,  so worth it. Until I brought Atlas into my life,  I had no idea about how much a smart dog can be such a great companion. She always seems to know what I’m saying and how I’m feeling.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her. 

      Hopefully when you decide to bring one into your life,  you can find one like my Atlas. She’s a rare dog for sure.  


  4. Pretty nice write up on Dog Combs for shedding, am also a dog owner so I do know just when my dog starts to shed fur and I do really taken my time to look after him cos I pretty much take Jimmy as my kid…I love my dog that I treat him with all the love and care I can afford…
    Thanks for the information and I really do find it amazing…

    1. Evans, 

      Thanks so much for reading my review! My dogs are my family too, so I’m always making sure they’re okay!


  5. Helo, this is an insightful  and informative piece on dog combs for shedding the Best. Selecting the right brush for shedding can be sometimes confusing. Anyways I haven’t actually seen or heard about this king komb. I must say that it’s beautiful and amazing, I will surely try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am currently using the glove-on type of brush which has plastic bristles for my Mutt. It works okay, at least better than the metal brush that almost hurt her skin the last time. She’s a mixed breed and I’m guessing a cross between a German Shepard with something long hair, so her shedding can be quite massive. I’m interested to know how this King Komb works. It looks like a lint-roller from the outside, but I’m sure it’s more sophisticated than that. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I’m actually impressed with the King Komb myself.  I was using the brush with 2 sides for a long time,  but decided to try the Komb after I read all the reviews and watched a lot of videos.  It works really well so far.  I haven’t used it on my long hair Chihuahua yet,  but it works really well on my short haired bulldog that has very sensitive skin. 

      It was reasonable in price,  and with the great reviews I figured,  eh, give it a try! 

      I’ll let you know how it works on my long hair dog when I brush her next.  🙂


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