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Have you been looking for a dog tracking system recently?  One that actually allows you to track your dog?  Not all are created equally, that’s for sure.  Some tracking systems only work when a dog goes to the vet.  Like the microchip.  This doesn’t track a dog.  It only contains information about you and the dog.  An address, a phone number, etc.  But a tracking system would allow you to find your dog.  Even if they get out of the house or yard.  It’s like a tracker for your phone.

A lot of new tracking systems have come out and I’ve been looking into them.  Take the Fit Bark for example.  It attaches to the collar and has a GPS enabled feature to it.  Some might wonder, why a tracking system?  Which ones are good?  Can they track health?   Which one might be the best?

Why Choose a Dog Tracking System?

We know that life can happen.  Things can happen at any given time and we’ve all seen those “Lost Dog” posters when we’re driving or walking around.  Nothing beats us up more than knowing that our dog is out there lost and helpless when we can’t be there to protect them.

Many dog owners have looked into the best way to keep our pets healthy with a good diet, good sleep, etc.   But what about tracking them if they get away?  It’s difficult to imagine your dog ever getting loose from a yard.  Escaping the house.  But many dogs want to run free and explore.  So, they find ways they can get out of a fenced yard just for that reason.  Those chips that your vet inserted under the skin only work if they find their way to a place that scan it and track you down.

The Best Systems Have GPS.

GPS Tracking

Imagine when you lose your phone, regardless of whether you have apple, or android.  When your phone gets detached from you, you track your phone on the GPS that’s provided either from your cell phone provider, or through Apple’s software or Google’s.  Our phones have a lot of information in them, and while we have security on our devices to protect them in the wrong hands, your dog doesn’t have a finger print scanner or password protection.

If a human comes up to your friendly dog and offers them a treat, will your dog know to stay away unless that person calls them by name?  Have you trained them to only come to humans that you physically have to okay?  Most dog owners don’t know how to do this training.  So, when they get away from you, if you have the GPS tracking systems on your dogs collar, it’s easy to find your furry friend without having to hang posters all over town, and honestly, hoping for the best.

Links to your Google Health or Fit Bit

Some Systems Even Track Health.

The best systems out there have health tracking for your dog.  Some dog owners may frown on this and wonder why they need to track their dogs health.  But for me personally, I take health very seriously.  I not only want to be healthy myself, but I also want my dogs to be healthy as well.  I like to make sure they eat food that’s good for them.  That they get the exercise they need to be healthy and active, and they get the love and attention they need to feel good every day.

I decided that I wanted to know more about my dogs health and decided to buy a tracking system that also tracks my dogs health.  I want to be sure that my pet is as healthy as I am, not only because I care about them, but I also want them to live long, healthy lives.

How Can You Choose The Right One For You?

So now you’re thinking, okay, I want to help my dog out as much as possible, so what system is right for me?  There are a lot of tracking systems out there that can be budget friendly, and others that are not so much.  The chip under the skin is one of the least expensive options, but again, it’s not a tracker.  It only keeps your personal information attached to it.   So, if your pet winds up at an animal control center or a vet clinic, then they can scan the microchip, see your name and phone number and call you to let you know they have your pet.

Other systems can be very expensive.  Some only track up to so many yards/feet.   If your dog is ever grabbed up by someone that desperately wants your breed of dog, especially the very expensive breeds, then if they drive farther than so many yards, you can’t track them anymore.  I can’t imagine a day of not being around my Atlas and having her lost and I’m not able to track her and find her to bring her home.

Once you have that family dog that means so much to the family, they become a part of your family and being without them is heart wrenching.

The Fit Bark System.

Now that I’ve explained why I personally like tracking systems, I did my research to find the best one out there.  I don’t have to worry about being within so many feet or yards of my dog, it would track her across the US with no issues.  While this is the primary reason I decided on this system, it also tracks her health which is important to me.  I take her for walks with me, I make sure she gets her play time, I take her for jogs, etc.  I also like to make sure she gets the sleep she needs, the food she needs for her health, and I monitor anything out of the ordinary that she does that could mean she’s having a tough time, and I have to contact my vet.

A lot of people have dogs that are like family to them, don’t you want to protect them the same as you do the rest of the family? We take care of ourselves, our kids, our loved ones, and to me, Atlas is a love to me and I want to be sure she’s always safe and healthy.

Final Thoughts on This GPS System.

It took me a long time, and now I get to share with the world the best system that I found that helps me keep track of everything Atlas without costing an arm and a leg.

I found FitBark, and the system is great.  I can link her health with mine through Google Health, keep track of her sleep, her eating habits, even her scratching habits and know that she’s doing okay.  The software will link with any Apple, Google or Fitbit and others to track our health together.  It shows the human fitness along with your pets fitness.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the software that FitBark created and the care they’ve put into creating one of the best dog tracking systems out there.

Leave in the comments below what works for you and your pets.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Tracking System – FitBark Inc.

  1. My dog is notorious for finding any way to escape the back yard and let me tell you how many hours i’ve spent looking for him when he did accomplish to escape. I have never thought about a dog tracker in till now and the benefits the review provides really makes me want to get one.

    The tracking alone is great but also having it be able to track their health is a big plus for me. This allows us to know how our pet is doing and will definitely allow me to sleep better at night.

    Great review.

    1. Elias,

      This tracker is one of the best, I think. My dog doesn’t get outside without one of us, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying all the time. I view it like my phone. I don’t leave it on counters or some such, but in the event something happens to it, I like to know that I can track it down where ever it might be. Not to sound insensitive, since Atlas is way more important than any phone, but I still like having the tracker just in case.

      Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hey,

    A GPS and health tracking system for dogs does sound amazing. My friends and family members who have a dog will absolutely love this. Especially when taking their dog’s for walks. I think one of the dogs has a tendency to go missing and getting out of the house. So this system will certainly help them with keep track of the dog.

    The health side of this system is just as, if not more important. My niece loves her dog and I know that she would find the health part of the system most valuable.

    I am going to share this article with them and I hope they invest in this system. If any of them do then I will let you know and how they are finding it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Tom,

      Definitely a must have for dogs that get out. If Atlas was always getting out, there’s just no way. I would go crazy trying to find her all the time. A lot of dogs are able to get out of fenced yards, being escape artists. My Atlas is just too important, I don’t think I would leave her in the yard long without me there.

      Definitely share this with your friends though who’s dog gets out. They’ll find it so much easier to physically track the dog versus searching through neighborhoods! Hope this helps them!



  3. Hi Katrina and thanks for this very informative review,
    I absolutely need this – but for my cat. Do you think it would be appropriate? She largely lives inside and I think I made a mistake in not allowing her out until she was a lot older. Now, when she goes outside, I’ll often need to search for her around the neighbourhood or she won’t come home at night.

    1. Marketa,

      Of course it would work on cats! It attaches to their collar, so as long as your cat wears one. If she’s getting out and staying out all night, I would definitely have a tracker for her. I couldn’t imagine the stress of not having my furry family member next to me all night. I’d be up worrying!

      But, this will allow you to find her easily! I will say though, that cats can climb (obviously) and get under small objects. So, you’ll know where to find her, for sure, but getting to her might be another matter altogether.

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you found this useful!


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