Is CBD Oil For Cats?


Is CBD oil for cats?  Cats, like dogs and humans have benefits to taking CBD oil. Oftentimes, we don’t think of cats or dogs as having similar internal anatomy like humans, but they benefit from many of the same natural products that we do.  I recently wrote an article about CBD oil for dogs, but there is also benefits to CBD oil for cats.

If you have a cat, then they can benefit with CBD.   If they have any sort of issues such as:

  • Joint Issues
  • Spazzy behavior
  • Minor health issues
  • And much more….

Why CBD For Cats In The First Place?

Like humans, CBD actually helps with a lot of health benefits and the same is for animals like cats.   Sometimes humans have problems sleeping, and animals can too.  Especially if they’re in elements that they’re not accustomed to.   Let’s say you’re just bringing a new cat home.   They may be stressed because cats do not like new environments.  CBD will help alleviate some of that stress that they might feel.

CBD also helps with calming mood swings, which, yes, cats can experience just like we do.   There are so many health benefits to CBD oil that will help your cat in a lot of different situations.   Keep reading for more health benefits as I get into that soon.

Is CBD Oil For Cats The Best Option?

When it comes to cats, they can be very picky about what they choose to eat.  Unlike dogs, not all cats enjoy treats unless it’s a meaty morsel of something they don’t stick their nose up at.   For you cat owners out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.   Dogs are easy, they eat almost everything, so CBD treats are an option there.   With cats however, it’s best to choose the oil form.   That way, you can easily squeeze the dopper into their mouth.

Never mind that your cat might give you the death stare after a few times of getting a big amount of oil squeezed into their mouth.  They’ll be calm soon enough when it kicks in, so don’t worry too much about the death stare.   There are also the supplement options out there if you want to attempt to avoid the death stare.  I just always had a slightly harder time getting my cats to eat pills unless I put it in something they can’t resist like a big chunk of tuna.   Each cat owner out there will know what your cat is willing to ingest – pills or oil.

Are All CBD Supplements Created Equally?

As with the food that you buy for your pet, the same is with the CBD supplements, all companies have different quality products. Canna-Pet has been one of my more favorite companies to order CBD and Hemp based products from for all of my pets.   The mg per serving isn’t so high that my pet gets weirded out.  Nor, do they get woozy or act abnormal.  They simply reap the health benefits from the products like I want.

Some companies will also add other additives into their product, and some are good, others not much.   Do your research on any company that you order products from.  Look at what the other buyers have said in their reviews.  This will allow you to know what others have witnessed.   When it comes to my pets, I always like to make sure I know exactly what I’m giving them as well as make sure their health is my priority.

So What Are The Health Benefits Of CBD For Cats?

Animals get a lot of the same health problems, diseases, and complications that we get. Pets can get heart problems/disease, anxiety, joint problems, diabetes, and cancer. While CBD isn’t a cure all for everything in the list above, there are still a lot of benefits of CBD oil such as:

  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Cardiac Benefits
  • Helps Anxiety
  • Aids Digestion
  • Helps Nausea
  • Anti-Cancer Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of CBD oil or supplements for cats, just like with dogs.   Cats shouldn’t be excluded in the benefits of natural products just because they can look at you like they want to eat you, or look at you like you’re the love of their life. Cats can be unpredictable at times.  We all know that there are pleasures of having a cat in our home.  They still mean the world to us, even if they can be terrorists at times.

The Health Benefits For Cats Are Real.

So if you have a cat that has any of the issues related to in this article, give CBD oil or supplements a shot.   Your cat will be more calm, have a better appetite, have regular digestion among so many other benefits.  It isn’t just for humans or dogs anymore and there are a lot of companies out there trying to make good treats for cats as well.  The oil is still my preferred method of CBD for any animal since it’s so easy to give to them, but there are links in this article for both the supplements and the oil.

In the end, it’s up to you as the cat owner on what you think your kitty will enjoy more.  Does you cat often despise you if you attempt to go near their mouth?  If so, avoid the oil.  If your cat is open to eating treats or big clumps of food, then maybe the supplements may be the best option for you.  Check out Canna-Pet and see some options they have for cats, you’ll be surprised and pleased with the results and positive effects CBD can have on pets.

I had an older dog that had severe joint issues and without CBD oil twice a day, she would have been in a lot of pain and anguish on a regular basis.   CBD was a saving grace for my dog Annie.  Not only did it help her walk more, but it also helped her with her appetite.  I would imagine older cats would benefit just as much since older cats can start to have a hard time even getting into the litter box when they reach a certain age. Joint issues can have a negative impact on our pets lives and CBD has been one of my personal favorites for my pets health.

Do you have a cat that could benefit from CBD?

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