Dog Backpacks – They’re In!

Dog Backpacks

I was reading my emails earlier, and I received a sales ad from Petco.  Dog backpacks are in!  They’re all over their summer sales page and I had no idea.  I ordered one long ago from Bitch New York, you know, my favorite site.  But I never ordered one from Petco!

You might be asking at this point, a dog backpack?  Why?  Um, for so many reasons!  Imagine you’re walking with your beloved pooch, and they end up having to go number 2.  Do you have baggies with you?  Are they attached to your leash?  Not all of us have those little baggie carriers all the time on hand.  I admit, there have been those oops moments for me where I forgot them at home.

But that’s not all the dog backpacks carry.  So, let’s look inside mine!

What can you Carry in a Dog Backpack?

So, the dog backpack can hold numerous items.  I’m not saying load your pooch down or anything!  This isn’t a hike into the woods where you’re staying a few days.  But, if you’re taking them for a walk outside, then why not have some much needed items in their little backpack?  That will free up space for yourself to carry your belongings too.

I usually put the water bottle-on-the-go for my dogs in there.  It’s not a big water bottle.  In fact, it’s just enough for my two babes to have some water when it’s hot outside.  Never leave home without water for your dogs when it’s hot out!  They can get heat stroke or heat exhaustion very quickly!

Not only water, but treats, first aid, anything you might need for your dogs.  Some dogs take medications, so you can make sure to have extra’s of those in there at all times as well.

Other Items that you Might Need.

Not long ago, I mentioned that I almost always have treats on hand for my dogs with me.  Why?  Because of Muse!  She’s a new dog to our home, and she’s not what I would call socialized yet.  When her emotions get high, she doesn’t know how to control them and act right.  She’s learning, but it’s a hard lesson for a doggo that rarely left home before coming to live with us.

Dog Treats
Treats from Petco $4.49

So, I make sure to always have my training treats on hand.  This way, when Muse starts getting excited over something, I know it’s time to diffuse the situation with her, and quickly.  She’s getting it, even after just two months, but it’s a learning curve for her.  Not only do I keep treats in my car, the dog backpack, at home, in the garage.  You name the place, there’s dog treats there.  I simply have to keep them on hand, just in case.  One day, she’ll be the best trained dog, like Atlas.  But for now, we need them!

Now, what about first aid?

First Aid in your Dog Backpack?

What about if something happens to your dog while you’re out walking?  I don’t know about you, but my dogs have gotten into some stuff, even when we’re just taking a walk to the park.  They step on something that goes into their paw.  They sniff at something and they get a wound on their nose.  

Anything, at anytime can happen.  And I’m not saying you need to bring the entire ambulance here.  No, just some antibiotic cream, maybe a couple of Q Tips.  I don’t really use band aids on my dogs, but I do use gauze in certain situations.  But, in all honesty, I don’t bring gauze with me.  I just have an extra tube of antibiotic cream for them and I always have Q Tips as well.

These items fit really well in the front pocket of their little doggie backpacks.

The Perks of the Dog Backpack.

Not everyone is going to rush out to buy a dog backpack, I get it.  But for my little family, it’s perfect for us.  I only have one that usually Atlas wears when we go out to the parks.  Muse hasn’t gotten one yet, though I think I’ll order her one now that they’re on sale!

But it’s nice that they can carry the things I need for them, and I can carry the things I need for me.  In the past, I used a fanny pack – that’s right, I used a fanny pack.  Before I got the dog backpack, I had to upgrade to getting a slightly bigger backpack so I could carry the things I needed for my dogs.  The biggest item?  The water.  Now, I can focus on a smaller bag again for myself and simply carry water for me.

The dogs will have everything else they need for them!  Treats, bags and water.  Very important essentials for any walk, especially in the summer.

Final Words on Dog Backpacks – They’re In!

I would say that the dog backpacks are more essential in the summer, versus the winter.  But, that wouldn’t be completely true.  See, even in the winter, your dogs need water if you’re out for a long time away from home.  Have you ever watched your dogs when you’re done running errands with them?  You finally get home, after being out for just a couple of hours.  Your dogs run to the water bowl and lap up as much as they can.  Usually emptying the contents in one gulp.  They get thirsty.

We get thirsty!  I know when I’m out for a while, I have to get myself a water if I didn’t bring my water from home.  And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house, thinking, I’ll be quick, and it turns out to be an ordeal!  Well, if you have this dog backpack stocked with your essentials, it’s easy to just grab it real quick, and bam!  Your dogs have what they need when you leave the house.

Besides, Petco is running some great sales on these!  The last time I bought mine, it was close to $40.  I can’t believe these ones are only $15!  Get yours today, you will love it!  So will your furry baby!

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8 thoughts on “Dog Backpacks – They’re In!

  1. I love your dog backpacks. I would need two pink ones. They look terrific, ideal for storing a bottle of water, water bowl, some treats or a toy, ball etc. Fantastic idea.

    1. Thanks Yvonne,

      I love the backpacks as well actually. They do hold the items that I need, so they’re perfect for my dogs! Thanks for stopping by and reading!


  2. Hello Katrina,

    I didn’t know the dog backpacks are a thing until I stumbled upon your site. I really liked how you discussed everything about this dog’s backpacks. It really makes sense about its functions and what are the necessities you can put in it. While I don’t have a dog right now (it’s a long story, but I love dogs), I would consider this in a heartbeat. Just a question, are all dogs feeling comfortable while wearing this backpack as they do their outside activities?

    1. Lemuel,

      My dogs seem to like the backpacks just fine. I like the ones with the strap that hold them to their chest. I’ve seen some that don’t have this extra strap, and they tend to slide off. So, look for that strap and it’ll stay put. At least, on Atlas it does. I haven’t gotten Muses yet. Once I get hers in, I’ll be able to attest to that a little better. As far as running goes, they do tend to bounce around a lot. It depends on how tight the pack is around their chest, but I don’t like mine too tight, only because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable in it. So, I tend to keep it as loose as their harnesses. So, if they’re running, I’ll take it off. But for just a walk, it’s fine!

      Thanks for stopping by and checking this out!


  3. Hi Katrina,

    Having a bag for dogs can sometimes save us a life. Imagine the time you don’t have the poop bags while your beloved dog just does number 2. I often run back to my place as fast as a flashman and return to where she pooped to clean everything. If we get dog bags with much essential stuff inside, this will not be a problem anymore!

    The image you attached here on top of this article looks very cute, and I will get one for my friends who have dogs before this summer. Thanks for recommending. 🙂


    1. Hi Matt,

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. Before I got one, my dog took a poo in a neighbors yard while he was just standing there watching. In my defense, I was on the sidewalk and I try to keep my dogs out of people’s yards, but she wandered just a bit from my leg and pooped right at the edge of his yard. I didn’t have any poop bags with me at the time, and just looked at him, said, sorry and do you have a plastic bag I can use to clean this up. How embarrassing! But, I know now to keep bags with me at all times. Hasn’t been an issue since!

      Thanks Matt for visiting and I’m glad you liked this one! Do feel free to share this!


  4. Dog backpacks are definitely cute and a genius idea, I just like the sound of dog backpacks and imagining them wearing them alone makes me smile. I like the fact that dogs can wear these backpacks when they go out for a walk or to the park.

    Like you rightly said, you can have their first aid kits in them in case of any emergencies.
    I must confess I haven’t seen a lot of dogs with backpacks but I am definitely get backpacks when I own a dog.

    Great article.

    1. Thanks Femi!

      I love them, I have to admit! It’s so handy to just keep everything in there and have it ready when we go for a walk. One day, when you have a dog, they’ll love it too!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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