Dog Chain – Necklace or Collar?

Green Dog Chain
Dog Chain
BNY Rainbow Dog Chain $71-$79

Product: Dog Chain, several varieties

Price: Ranges with Style – $20 and up

Rating: Ranges with Vendor/Retailer

Where To Buy: Bitch New York, Petco (occasionally), Etsy and Many Others.

Dog Chain – What Is It?

Dog chain can have a lot of meanings and vary with different products. Some retailers refer to dog chains as a form of collar for dogs. Others have started to come out with the jewelry version of dog chains. Others use this term as the chain used to tie a dog up.

Depending on the individual that is purchasing the dog chain, you can view as a specific product. However, lately, I’ve seen dog chains as a type of necklace for dogs. This is going to be the main purpose of this article today. Why are we, as dog owners, buying necklaces for our dogs?

Dog Necklace – The Dog Chain.

The Gold Dog Chain
Popular Gold Chains – Prices Vary

I see a lot of pet owners buying gold chains for their dogs. Especially on the Bully Breeds. And, I get why they do it. The dogs look pretty cool with a big chain around their neck. It seems to accentuate the bulkiness of their body build. They also tend to look more burly with a fat gold chain around them.

As for my Atlas, she’s a female. I don’t necessarily want her to look more masculine than she already does. In the stores, she gets easily confused as a boy. But, I don’t put enough pink on her, and blue seems to be my go to color for her. Not a dark masculine blue, I’m referring to the turquoise color.

As far as a necklace is concerned, I could see putting her in one that looks more feminine. People would stop confusing her for a boy if she had a pretty necklace on.

Wearing the Necklace all the Time?

Asking myself this, would I leave the necklace on her all the time? Probably not. In fact, no, I wouldn’t. But it depends on the material and whether it snags her fur. When I think of gold chains, I think of snagging the hairs on my head. I’m sure that the dog necklaces don’t do this, at least I hope they don’t. But, I would have to wait and see once it came in.

Green Dog Chain
BNY Mint Dog Chain $71

Leaving any sort of jewelry on a dog all the time seems like it might be damaging to her skin. Atlas has sensitive skin already. So, I’d imagine only putting it on when we leave the house. The aspect of her trying to play with it is another concern. Would she pull at it if it moved around?

When she was a pup, I found a collar charm that had two parts to it. One part said Best, the other part said Friend. I bought this two-piece charm set for her and her brother. Her brother is right down the street, so it was fitting. The part that I gave Atlas was a tassel charm. However, when I put it on her, she kept trying to eat it. She still does this to this day.

Any necklace that I buy her would need to be more of a snug fit. This way, she doesn’t think it’s a toy hanging around her neck and she tries to pull it off. She doesn’t do this to her collar, so she’s not opposed to collars. But, if I spend close to $100 on a necklace for my dog, I don’t want her breaking it.

Other Retailers Average Costs.

I’ve seen a lot of these dog chains around online. There’s a new place that’s been all over my Facebook lately. Their dog chains look pretty nice, I will say. I haven’t poked around at the cost yet, so I can’t attest to that yet. However, I’ve seen some that are as low as $20 from other retailers.

Something that cheap though, screams, cheap. Meaning, breaks easily, looks tacky, fake gold, etc. I don’t buy costume jewelry for myself, so I doubt I would for Atlas. On the opposite side though, I don’t want to buy a real gold necklace either. She is my dog after all. She means the world to me, but she also plays very rough. It’s like she would need a steel necklace or titanium!

How about you as my readers? Have you bought a chain for your dog? How is it? How’s the quality? Does your dog like it? Where did you buy it?

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8 thoughts on “Dog Chain – Necklace or Collar?

  1. Hey,

    I haven’t seen a dog necklace before. I have obviously seen a dog collar and chain, but not a necklace. These look great and my friends will be really interested in these for their dogs.

    I’ll share this article with them and hopefully they will purchase a necklace for their dog. I would love to see their dog walking around the park or the street with a necklace that is even better than mine 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Tom,

      I thought they were pretty neat too. I decided to order one for Atlas, so I’m waiting for it to come in the mail. I’m pretty excited to see it on her actually. I went with the rainbow one since that looked the most feminine!

      Hopefully your friends enjoy shopping for them as much as I did! I loved the different styles. I haven’t found a big gold chain that I like yet, most of them seem to be kind of costume jewelry like. I’m going to keep looking though!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. It was nice to read your post about dog chains and necklaces. You did very well compare in both, I know very well these products, It will help me to choose the right one for my pet.

    The good thing is you also talked about the price and quality of the product. Thank you for your this reviews.

    1. Manu,

      Absolutely! I hate when I see something with a bunch of good reviews and then I order it and it’s junk. I wish more people were more honest with their reviews of things they order.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I loved this post even though I’m not a dog owner. I’ve seen photos of cats wearing elaborate collars that look like jewellery but wouldn’t get those for my curious kitty. I’m sure he’d be pulling at it. Those photos of dog chains do look nice though, and I’m sure would look great on a dog, male or female. I know what you mean about necklaces snagging your hair, but not sure if this would apply to a dog. Though as you mentioned, some dogs may be sensitive to certain metals just like we can be.

    1. Kathy,

      That’s what I’m afraid of with the big gold chain. I love the look of it, as long as it’s not cheap looking in person. Online can be deceiving when it comes to jewelry though, that’s for sure. I used to have nice collars for my male cats with some sort of adornment on it. My cats always wore collars, never without. But, as you mentioned, not all cats like collars. Mine were just trained that way since they were young.

      Glad you stopped by! Thanks for reading!


  4. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I think it’s because the chain necklace gives a dominant look to my pups. I have a ton of pictures I’d want to share, but I’m not sure if it is possible to upload them here.

    A lovely post btw! As always.


    1. That’s awesome! Where did you get yours? Are they fake looking, or are they nice? I do love the look of the necklaces on dogs, especially the Bully breeds. I think they really add some character to the dogs. I’ve just been trying to find a place that they will look at least authentic. I may have to just order them randomly and see once they come in. 🙂

      Thanks Gorjan for stopping by! Glad that you enjoy yours, for sure!


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