Dog Dresses – Just in Time for Spring!

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It’s that time of year now when we can dress our dogs up in dog dresses! Put those coats and booties away until next winter folks! I have to say, I’ve been sent some pretty cute looking dresses just in time, too. From yours truly, Bitch New York.

Their new Spring line up is just what my furry ladies need to strut around and look their finest. The Sun is out, the weather is warm. Flowers are blooming everywhere and my dogs will have dresses to match.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

The Email Came!

I got an email from Bitch New York just last night. When I opened the email, what did I see? Not only some cute new accessories that are just to die for, but dresses to boot. It might be silly that I get so excited over dog dresses, but hey, I’m a fashionista! Nothing brings more joy to me than knowing my dogs are well taken care of.

I know, I know, you might be thinking, “What?” That’s right, I love to dress my dogs up. They love it too. Not only do they get all that attention when we go out, but they get lots of treats too! Wouldn’t you love to get more treats just by looking cute walking out of your house?

So, what’s new at BNY these days?

The New Spring Lineup.

From accessories to dresses, they have it all. I love the Fairy Horses Dog Dress for $81. Designed as a masterpiece, all in different materials. Each dress is handmade by the designer, so will vary from dress to dress. Don’t you just love the bow on the skirt?

Fairy Horses Dog Dress
Fairy Horses Dog Dress $81

Then we have the Panda Dog Dress for only $72! This dress is made meticulously from different fabrics. You can see the use of Tule as well as cotton. I just love this Tutu style dress!

Panda Dog Dress
Panda Dog Dress $72

Knitted Elegant Dog Dress for $76! The classic look of black and white in this checkered pattern. Not only will your doggo look fantastic walking around town with this dress on, but she’ll match any accessory! The large bow on the shirt is just too cute!

Elegant Dog Dress
Knitted Elegant Dog Dress $76

Magical Pony Dog Dress is one of my faves! The stars, the large format unicorn that is raised up in design. Match this with any pink collar, leash and bow in her hair! She’ll be the talk of the town no matter where you’re going! Only $107 at BNY.

Pony Dog Dress
Magical Pony Dog Dress $107

The Teddy Bear Dog Dress only $114 is so adorable! The classic black bow decorating the skirt. Don’t forget the too cute Teddy Bear also raised up like the Unicorn on the Magical Pony Dress. I just love this one!

Teddy Bear Dog Dress
Teddy Bear Dog Dress $114

Toucan Dog Dress for $116. Also similar in design to the Teddy Bear and Magical Pony, but this one has a tropical design! Perfect for those beach days. Don’t you just love the little red balls adorning the skirt?


Toucan Dog Dress
Toucan Dog Dress $116

More Spring Dog Dresses!

Next we have the Ice Cream Ballerina Dog Dress at $90. I would love to walk into ice cream shop with my furry gal in tow wearing this. She would have to have an ice cream as a special treat! I love the Tutu style of this one as well!

Ice Cream Ballerina Dog Dress
   Ice Cream Ballerina Dog Dress $90

Lux Doggo Dog Dress at only $120. This one is also a fave! Look at the cute designs and let’s not forget the Chanel! The purse and bow are perfect for this dress in every way!

Luxy Doggo Dog Dress
Luxy Doggo Dog Dress $120

Pin up Star Dog Dress is $130. Loving the polka dots on this one. Polka dots are some of my favorite designs in the summer. Imagine, you’re wearing a black and white polka dot dress to match your furry lady! Wouldn’t that be a dream?

Pin up Star Dog Dress
Pin Up Star Dog Dress $130

Candy Shop Dog Dress $109. I just love all the adornments on this one. What a sweet treat for your little lady to strut around in this fabulous getup? Loving this one as well!


Candy Shop Dog Dress
Candy Shop Dog Dress $109

More Dresses?

Marie Antoinette herself would have to have this next one! Exclusive Marie Antoinette Dog Dress for $130. Perfect Tutu and design. I absolutely love this one too!

Marie Antoinette Dog Dress
Marie Antoinette Dog Dress $130

Live in Hawaii? Or near any beach for that matter? Then you need the Hawaii Dog Dress for $91! The Tutu design, the bow and the beautiful flowers? Yes, please!

Hawaii Dog Dress
Hawaii Dog Dress $91

Did I mention how much I just love polka dots? Well, love them some more with this Petit French Chic Dog Dress for only $118! The glasses, the purse and the heels to match? Spectacular!

French Chic Dog Dress
Petit French Chic Dog Dress $118

Or maybe you love the Fashion Victim Dog Dress? With the lipstick adding some beautiful color and that fabulousness to this dress, I would get this one for $118! Love it!

Fashion Dog Dress
Fashion Victim Dog Dress $118

And if you think those other ones were a little pricey, maybe the Pink Rabbit Bow Dog Dress is more in your budget. With the Tutu design and oh so cute rabbit on this one, it’s only $57. Don’t worry, your furry gal can look super chic on a budget!

Rabbit Dog Dress
Pink Rabbit Bow Dog Dress $57

The Dog Dresses Are Endless!

So many adorable dog dresses to choose from this time of year! I just love the selection that BNY always has. There’s so many to choose from, your furry lady can be as fashionable as you! Just remember, they love the attention, so get them something nice! It’ll always get her more treats when she’s out with you.

My beautiful furry ladies always have a selection when it comes to their outfits. Atlas will even dig to find the outfit she wants to wear that day! Let your lady pick her clothes. She’ll just love that she can do that!

Also, don’t worry if she decides to be playful that day and get some dirt on her new dress. All the dresses are washer machine friendly. I personally don’t dry them, I always hang them to dry. Especially with the Tutu styles, I don’t like the ruffles getting messed up.

So, jump on their site and get yours today!

Final Words on Dog Dresses.

As the options are endless, so are the possibilities! Our furry friends deserve the best when it comes to the love and attention they get! I know my furry ladies are always so excited to leave, especially with their dresses on. They prance around, waiting for everyone to say, “Oh my God, how cute! Can I pet her?” Uh, yeah! She loves it!

The big smiles, the tail wagging, the dancing feet. How could I not put them in dresses when they get so much attention? Everyone just loves them, and how can you not? They’re too cute in their little dresses.

Plus, if you’re new to BNY, you get 15% off just by entering in your email. Then, before you know it, you’ll be getting their fantastic lineups like me every season. I always look forward to their new arrivals, and this time, they didn’t let me down! Or, my doggos I should say!

So, click on any of the above dresses and get yours today! Don’t forget to post pictures for all of us to see!

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8 thoughts on “Dog Dresses – Just in Time for Spring!

  1. We came across your site we are dog owners now and she is at the age of looking all cute for the summer with her coats we got her for the rain. We are investing in more clothes like she is our real kid and spend so much on her we don’t even realize it.
    The best part is that these dresses for dogs will look nice on her and will definitely grow out of it quickly.
    Will be coming back to your site when we get paid and will save some in our cart and will be back so that we can get them for our little one.
    Thanks for the review of the wonderful dresses you displayed.


    1. Mathew & Deloris,

      It’s really easy to spend money on our furry family members and just not realize it! I know I spoil mine all the time. In fact, I just picked up a new family member that I’m already in love with! I’m taking her to the pet store after work to get her her own toys, collar and leash! I can’t wait to order her clothes, since she’s black and white and will match with anything! I could see her in the black and white polka dot dress that I love!
      It’s nice when we spoil them though. They know that we love them, they sense it and they feel secure and safe when we lavish them. Mouse is the new addition to our family, and she’s already attached to me. I’m not sure about her previous owner or her life, but she’s very clingy and afraid of a lot of things. She’s getting better after only a day though and she’s already not afraid of the stairs in my house anymore. She also is getting used to car rides since I take my dogs everywhere with me. They’re my furry children, other children, so they go where I go.

      I hope these look great on your girl! If you can post pics down the road, you should! I’d love to see them!

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked this one!


  2. The dog dresses are cute. Prices are not too bad either. I have a Jack Russell who would wear one but not my Kelpie. I love the designs.,

    1. Thanks Yvonne! I have one dog that hates clothing, but my other two love them. I’ll see about my new addition here soon since she’s brand new to our family. She’ll get used to them though, since in the winter, she’ll have to wear clothing since she’s short furred and she’ll get cold up here. But we have lots of time to get her used to clothes.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh. My. Goodness. These are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! My sister in law has a tiny dog and I just know she would LOVE these!!! I am so excited I came across this review! Thank you and I look forward to all the new fashions throughout the year!!

    1. Randi,

      That’s awesome! Tiny dogs always look so cute in clothes!! Especially when I put my tiny Chihuahua in dresses. She gets so much attention everywhere we go, she just laps it up! I take my dogs everywhere with me, so they’re very used to being dressed, especially my short furred Bully in the winter. The new gal will get used to it too since she’s the same. Short fur, nothing protecting her tummy. She’ll have her own wardrobe here soon too!

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked this one!


  4. Hi Katrina,
    The cutest article until now. The dog dresses are cute. The prices are not too bad either. I love my pet and I think spending money on them is not a waste of money because spending money on someone you love is not wasting money. I Love all the pieces they are so cute and beautiful I am definitely going to share them with all my friends who are pet owners and I am sure they will like this too.

    A very good article and a unique one though because even our pets are our best friends so thinking about them and bringing something new for them is great.


    1. Samantha,

      That’s awesome. I agree 100%. My dogs are an extension of my family. I never feel like when I buy them something, that I’m wasting money. It’s the same when I buy clothes for my girls and my hubby. They deserve to be given things. My dogs know when I buy them new clothes actually. Atlas loves her clothes and she’ll even dig in her clothing tote to find something to wear. It’s really cute to watch actually.

      I’m glad you liked this one! Thanks for stopping by!


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