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Dog Harness Coats

Searching online recently brought to my attention, the dog harness coat. I didn’t know that such a garment existed for dogs and I’m super excited to try these out this winter. In Alaska, winter is around the corner – I just wrote about making sure that your dog is dressed appropriately for the weather you live in.

I also wrote about dog coats, because in Alaska, it gets very cold, so dogs should be dressed for warmth. Now, instead of having to put a harness on your dog as well as a coat, they’re built into one!

Metallic Silver Harness CoatIf you live in a cold climate, how could this not appeal to you? The idea of your dog having just one garment on during your walks appeals to me, for sure.

So instead of having to put a harness on either under the coat, or on top of the coat, it’s all built in together. The price ranges on my fave sight, Bitch New York. However, in looking through the options, my favorite is the Shop Til You Drop Faux Fur Dog Coat Seafoam for $44. I love Atlas in this color and I think this is just what she needs this Faux Fur Harness Coatwinter.

As you might know from my previous articles, Atlas broke her vest last year from playing too hard. It wasn’t the best quality and definitely was not from Bitch New York. I learned from that particular vest that it’s best to buy quality when it comes to dog clothing.

Two Items Built In Together To Make It Easier.

As I mentioned above, having the two items together will make it easy to take my dogs out for walks. It’s as simple as putting one thing on them, hooking the leash to it and voila. I will say, that if there’s excessive snow, then I still need to put shoes on them. You can read more about shoes here.

Sometimes, we get woken up by our dogs in the morning because they need to go out so badly. It’s time consuming to put a coat on them, then attempt to put the harness on on top of that. Imagine having just one item when they’re dancing on their paws to go outside, especially at 3am.

Not every state or climate will require coats of course, but in Alaska, our winters get to -30 degrees F. In those frigid temperatures, it’s very important that short haired dogs are protected against those elements. If you have dogs that are small, or short haired, or have bare stomachs, then coats are necessary.

If you live in warm climates like Florida, coats aren’t needed. You simply hook a leash to their collar and bam, take them out. Not so much up here though. My dogs have gotten so cold that they actually flop on their sides and stick their legs straight into the air. I have to rescue them when they do this and carry them inside.

To avoid this situation, shoes and coats are needed.

I also like the Bellamy Dog Coat because they have pockets on the back of it to hold their poop bags in them.  Awesome!  Bellamy Harness Coat

Where To Buy.

As mentioned in the first portion of this article, Bitch New York is one of the few online retailers that I’ve seen with this combination. I’ve never seen another pet store have harness coats before and I think it’s an exceptional idea.

If you subscribe by email to their site, you also save 15%. These harness coats are a great deal considering it’s the harness and coat built into one. Your typical harness can cost about $20, and the coat an additional $30-$40. This saves you some money on purchasing the combination of the two.

Also, if you sign up and save the 15%, then you’re looking at about $35; that’s a steal – so buy them here!

Do you live in a cold climate? Does your dog wake you up in the wee hours of night to go out? Do you find it hard to get them in a harness in the middle of the night, quickly?

Comment below on what you think of this nifty invention!

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12 thoughts on “Dog Harness Coat Review

  1. I love these dog harness coats! They are really cute, and easy to put on, it’s definitely saving you lots of time! Although I don’t live in a cold climate, I have a friend in Canada who would love to have this. She adopted one of my rescue dogs and she spoils him, he is a very happy boy and he loves wearing coats. She’ll probably buy some of these for him 🙂

    1. Hi Christine,

      I saw that your friend adopted some dogs in one of your articles. That’s great!

      In cold climates, it’s really important for dogs to have coats if they go outside and they have short fur or naked stomachs. The last thing we want is for our dogs to be subjected to cold weather without protection!

      Glad you enjoyed this article! Thanks!


  2. A two-in-one harness/coat? What a brilliant idea!
    I’m a dog parent myself and nothing could make more sense! With the colder weather approaching, this is going to be a worthwhile purchase. Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      That’s exactly how I felt when I saw these as well! Love them! I’m waiting for mine to come in the mail, so I’m excited to see it on Atlas!!

      Glad you found these useful as well!


  3. Dear Katrina
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards looking after their favourite pets. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Audrey! I definitely love my dogs, so I’m always looking for ways to keep them safe, warm and comfortable.

      I’m glad you found my articles useful! Thank you!


  4. Even though I live in the UK and the weather is terrible we never get down to those temperatures. Maybe -5 or -10 but that’s it.

    So clothing for our dogs we never think about here and very seldom see dogs with coats on.

    Some good coats there but are they really think enough to put up with temperatures as cold as -15f?

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Mick,

      I’ve actually tried a lot of different dog coats on my dogs. Some are good, some aren’t. I bought this cheap coat a long time ago for my older dog that passed this year (she was 14), and during a really bad winter storm in a mountain pass, the wind was blowing so hard, it actually blew the coat right off of her. Thankfully, my son with his reflexes caught the coat for her. She had a sweater on underneath the coat, so she was protected, but yes, with some temps we see up here, sweaters and coats are needed together.

      Since I’ve always had short haired dogs, I’ve learned what works on the cold climates up here and what doesn’t. I also pay very close attention to my dogs and how they’re feeling when it’s extremely cold outside. I can tell when they’re cold and ready to be back inside where it’s warm, or when I need to buy additional clothing.

      In Alaska, we have to be sure we’re prepared for any event possible. Both for ourselves and our pets. Up here, anything can happen the blink of an eye and I’ve seen too many circumstances where people aren’t prepared and they can get very cold, very quickly. I’m definitely a Plan B person, so I’m always prepared.



  5. Hello. Great article on Dog harness coats. We live in Ireland and the winters can be cold and very wet. We do enjoy taking our dogs for walks, but they too get cold. The coat/harness all in one is a great way to get going with them in no time. I was wondering, can you get these for big dogs ? Thank you for the info.

    1. Felicity,

      Absolutely. I found some on the site that go up to 6XL! I don’t know what dog takes that size, but I’d imagine that’d be like a Tibetan Mastiff, who most likely doesn’t even need a coat, really. They have super long, super thick fur made for cold climates.

      As for my dogs, the largest size I’ve ever needed was an XL. Coats are usually adjustable, so getting an approximate size has always worked for me and then adjust as needed.



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