Wooden Dog Toy Box Review

Wooden Dog Toy Box

Product: Wooden Dog Toy BoxWooden Dog Toy Box

Price: $170 on Bitch New York

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Wooden Dog Toy Box

If you have a dog, then you most likely have a ton of toys lying around the house like I do. My dog Atlas, has more toys than I know what to do with and if I didn’t have a box of some sort, they’d be everywhere.

I like this box that I found on Bitch New York.   Although if you don’t want to spend the $170 on this, a wine crate works as well, though it’s not as pretty as the one featured here.

Dogs that have a lot of toys should have a toy box in all honesty.   Let’s face it, I doubt you want their toys spread out across your living room, like children’s toy’s gone mad.   Kids toys don’t get mangled like some dog toys do.   Atlas does a number on her toys.   She rips them apart, she tears out the stuffing, she takes them outside with her.   They start to look flat, dirty and lifeless.

When company comes over, I throw all her toys into her box and voila, my living room is clean for company.

Not All Toy Boxes Are Expensive.

So, if you don’t want to spend so much on a toy box, look at a local liquor store for a less expensive option.   I like the wooden toy box featured in this article a lot.   It’s the only one that closely resembles the one I had bought.  For Atlas,  once her toys started getting out of hand, I needed options.

There are also less expensive options on Bitch New York if you’re looking for just a standard toy box for your dogs. The key here is to have some way to confine all the toys that we tend to buy our dogs. That way, if you’re having company, you can confine them to one corner of the room, versus spread out all over the place.

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6 thoughts on “Wooden Dog Toy Box Review

  1. What a great looking toy box for your pet. I prefer to recommend products made from natural products to the dog owners whose dogs I am training. If the animal for some reason decides to start chewing the item there is less chance of a sharp piece breaking off and seriously hurting them internally or externally

    1. Castle,

      That’s actually a great point. I never thought of the dog getting hurt if they start chewing it, especially since it is what contains their toys, so there is definitely the possibility of them chewing the box up.
      Great point! Thanks for your comment on this!


  2. Now that’s a really cool toy box for the dog. How about the cats? I guess they will like it too and play in the toy box instead:)

    1. Cats usually do end up playing in the toy boxes actually. They like to push all the toys out and just lay in it. I have a small toy box for the cat actually, he only gets balls on occasion. Climbing and terrorizing the dog is usually more fun for him.

      Glad you liked this article! Thanks!


  3. We have a senior dog. She’s a rescued dog Romania so we don’t have much info about her background. One thing I do know is that she doesn’t really care for toys. How do I know? Because we have a box of them as well and she really doesn’t know what to do with them :D. Well, she does actually love all the toys that involve food. Her rubber Kong toy filled with food is the favorite and an activity ball that drops treats as you tumble it. I guess the poor thing was always hungry and never learned how to play with toys in her past life…

    That said this box looks a lot nicer than the old cardboard box we have for her stuff right now!

    1. Hi Chuck,

      I had a dog that was like that actually. Annie. She passed this year at the golden age of 14, but she wasn’t much for toys in her life either. She usually just loved laying in the sun, laying by me, barking at random corners in the house….And, that’s about it. Although her favorite thing to do was go running with me when I was an avid runner. She was my running buddy.

      Some dogs just don’t really like toys. I have a Chihuahua that looks at me like I’m crazy if I try to even give him a toy. He usually just lays around and sleeps all day, under a blanket. Each of my dogs are definitely different. Atlas loves her toys, so she has a HUGE toy box full of toys. I’m sure you could tell from the picture. My husband usually puts the toy box on it’s side when she’s digging through it, and then all of her toys spill everywhere in the living room.

      Thanks for reading this article! Glad you liked the box! I know I sure do.


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