Dogs Need Shoes In The Heat!

Hot Asphalt

The other day, a friend of mine sent me a photo through Facebook. In this photo, it showed what the temperature can be on pavement versus the actual temperature.  One thing that many people may not realize, is heat builds up on dark surfaces. Meaning, dogs need shoes in the heat.

When I lived in Hawaii, I honestly didn’t think about my dogs and the heat of the pavement or sand. That is, until one day I ran out to the car with no shoes on. I swear I was walking on hot lava! Imagine your poor dogs while you’re walking them! And on the hot sand, forget it! I ran for shadows!

I live in Alaska and we often think of the cold because of the snow. However, people that live in warm states need to think of the heat. So, I’m here to show you some shoes that your dogs will need when it starts to warm up!

But first, why do dogs need shoes in the heat?

Why Dogs Need Shoes in the Heat.

Dogs aren’t that much different from us. I know you’ve heard me say that before. However, it’s true in so many cases and this time, it’s about their feet. Dogs, as puppies are born with soft paws. The skin on their feet is new and therefore, they’re delicate. If you’ve ever had a puppy at a young age, say, 8 weeks, then you know this already. It takes time for a puppy to develop calluses on their feet for walks.

Camo Dog Shoes
                  BNY $44-$48

As the dogs age and are more accustomed to walking on pavement, the calluses really start to form. Some dogs get super rough pads, others not as much. But, it’s still skin. Exposed skin, especially in the elements. And, just like humans, when we go barefoot, we develop calluses as well.

This means, that even though their paws are rough, they’re not shoes. There’s no protection on the bottom of their feet against the heat or cold. If their paws were covered in fur, that’d be a different story. But they’re not. So, if your feet get too hot or too cold without shoes, your dogs are too.

Now that we’ve covered that, what kinds of styles are there?

Dog Shoe Styles.

    Thin Material BNY $27

Most dog shoes are pretty similar in style. More often than not, you have little booties that go over their paws. Once on, you simply tighten the Velcro strap and voila! Recently though, I’ve had people send me pictures of dog socks. Dog socks are not the same thing I’m afraid. Yes, you can put them on them, but you’re going to have issues.

First issue with socks, is there’s no pad on the bottom. Basically, it’s like our children when they run outside without shoes on! “Come back here and get your shoes on! You’ll put holes in your socks!” Dogs are no different.

The shoes you’re going to want to look for actually have some sort of sole. Now, the quality ones have rubber soles. The crappy ones have plastic soles. Yes, I said it, crappy!

Other than that, it’s all about the kind of material you want over the whole shoe.

Different Dog Shoe Materials.

Dog shoes are becoming as popular as human shoes, almost. Some are made from leather (I’d stay away from these. You’re taking the skin of one animal and putting that on another animal. Ew.)  Others are made with a breathable material. In the heat, you want breathable.

Dog Shoes
With Soles BNY $44-$48

Wherever you live, imagine walking outside in shoes that make your feet sweaty and hot. If you can’t handle it, your dog can’t either. Choose wisely.

Then, there are my favorite dog shoes for the heat. A very thin type of material that almost seems like a thin sweater. These are the most breathable for hot days. Places like down south – Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, etc. – you should be putting these on your dogs before walking them.

Now that you know what styles to look for, where can you get them?

Where To Buy Dog Shoes?

Dog Shoes
         BNY $44-$48

Dog shoes can be found everywhere, anymore. As I mentioned above, they’re becoming very popular. You’re not restricted to buying them online only, either. Petco, Pet Smart, and other pet retailers sell them in the stores. You’ll be more limited based on the size of your dog, but you can still usually find something.

I do like to shop online for mine, personally. First, you have more of a selection to choose from. Whenever I go into a pet store, you get the same kind, black. Stiff. Thick material. And, as usual, I’m biased to Bitch New York. They have several styles to choose from and materials.

You can get a pair for the summer and the winter. It’s not just one season that we have to protect their paws. Both cold and heat can damage their feet.

Final Thoughts on Dogs Need Shoes in the Heat.

I sure hope that I’ve helped you to understand more about your dogs feet. Whenever I see a dog lifting their paws in the cold or heat, I always want to yell at the person to protect their dog! This is a sure sign that something is wrong. I mean, you go outside with bare feet and tell me your feet don’t burn! Some dogs have even gotten first degree burns on their pads from the pavement being so hot. Don’t do this to your furry baby, it’s just cruel.

So, if the temperature seems hot, try it on yours first. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. Shoes for dogs don’t cost an arm and a leg either. About $20 and you got your pup some protection.

The shoes will last as well. Especially if you order from BNY. I’ve never ordered something from them that wasn’t quality clothing. I will always stand by their line of items for dogs. Even if you can’t afford a pair for the cold or the heat, get at least the thin material ones and use those. As long as your dog is safe, it doesn’t matter!

Where do you live? Do you think your dogs need shoes? What’s the average temperature in the summer? Do you have a pair yet? If so, does your dog love them? Share your story!

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Need Shoes In The Heat!

  1. I had no idea pavement got that hot! I mean I knew it was hot but had no idea it was so extreme. I walk my dog about 3 miles a day. I really need to look into these and pray my dog wears them! Thanks for bringing awareness to this. These are really genious!

    1. Jamie,

      I didn’t think about it when I was in Hawaii either until I went out barefoot that day. We sometimes take shoes for granted and don’t think about our dogs on the hot pavement. If your dog has a hard time with them, just keep lots of treats around and every time you put the shoes on him/her, give lots of treats! That’s how I get my dogs to wear theirs. 🙂 Hope this helps!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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