Hoodies For Dogs – Fall Is Almost Here!

Hoodie for Dogs

Some of you might be reading this and wondering, fall? Fall can’t be almost here! Well, in Alaska it is. Our weather tends to turn more chilly than other states, and it’s getting there about this time. We even saw a fall leaf already fall from a tree! So, what does this mean? This means, we need hoodies for dogs, of course!

In Alaska, it gets cold enough up here that all short haired dogs need something to keep them warm. I mean, if you were outside with only a thin pair of pants on and no shoes, wouldn’t you be cold? Dogs need protection too, so get them some warm clothes!

Let’s look at the new fall lineup, shall we?

My New Fave Hoodie!

Dog Hoodie Peach
Studio Splatter Hoodie $50

I was scrolling through my favorite site, you know the one, Bitch New York of course! During my time of looking, I found the most adorable hoodies for dogs. However, this Studio Splatter Dog Hoodie in Peach with the little unicorn horn on the hood, too cute. Could you just imagine my Atlas wearing this? She already looks like a baby Rhino, but this, this one is too cute!

Of course, it’s not the right color to be a Rhino hoodie, but the fact that it has a horn on the hood is good enough for me. It’s made with a french terry cloth, so that means it’s oh so soft to the touch. It comes in a range of sizes, from X Small all the way to XX Large. The X Small is 8 inches long in the back and the XX Large is 22 inches.

It’s only $50, which is actually a great price for something so adorable. I’m definitely ordering this today and you should too! You can get yours today by clicking here.

Next in Line for Hoodies for Dogs – The Flex Fit Hoodie!

Flex Fit Dog Hoodie
Flex Fit Hoodie $31

This hoodie is your more basic hoodie for dogs, but, it’s super stretchy! So, dogs that are built like Atlas through the shoulders and chest won’t have any issues finding their right size. It comes in a range of colors, from black to pink. This hoodie is made with human grade, high quality, thick material, that’s often not seen in pet clothing. Usually, this kind of material is reserved for our thick hoodies!

This Flex Fit hoodie comes in a wide range of sizes too. From X Small, all the way to a 4XL! Wow! All dogs will be able to fit this one, so even those Dobermans that get cold in the fall and winter climates will be able to fit this one. And, the best part? It’s only $31 no matter what size you order!

I don’t know about you, but I need this one in my life for both Atlas and Muse. So, order yours today, and if you subscribe to BNY’s page, you can save 15% off as well. That’s a no-brainer! Get yours by clicking here!

The Faux Fur Hoodie in Bubble Gum.

Much like my new fave hoodie, this one is also super fuzzy and soft. The Faux Fur Hoodie though is actually lined on the inside, not just the outside with this super soft material. That means, for our more naked dogs (you know, the ones with no fur on their tummies) will love the feeling of this one on their body. It’s like a soft cuddly blanket that goes where they go!

Faux Fur Hoodie
Faux Fur Hoodie Bubble Gum $58

This one also comes in a range of colors, so if Bubble Gum pink isn’t your thing – don’t worry males – it comes in black, blue and aqua as well. This one comes in sizes that range from X Small to all the way to XX Large. Also, the prices don’t change on this one either, and it’s only $58!

I don’t know about you, but for $58, I want one for myself. Being wrapped in a cozy blanket inside and out for those colder days, yes please! Don’t forget about those senior dogs either. They always need extra warmth on colder days since their bones just hurt so much.

So, get yours today by clicking here.

Last, But Not Least – The Big Full Heart Hoodie.

This hoodie is unique, because it brings awareness to the need for animal adoptions throughout the world. Celebrate the love between you and your dog, by buying this one to show the world you found love. This hoodie comes in a variety of colors as well, but I just love the white hoodie with the black heart.

Made with 100% cotton fleece, you can actually wash this and dry this with your clothes. Did I mention that there’s a matching human sweater too? That’s right! You can match your dog by wearing

Big Full Heart Hoodie
Big Full Heart Dog Hoodie $46
Full Heart Human Hoodie
Big Full Heart Human Hoodie $66

your hoodie as well. It comes in sizes that range from X Small to XX Large.

Buying these will help raise awareness for others, that the pets in shelters are pretty overloaded. I’ve not only bought my pets, but I’ve adopted on many occasions as well. I love all dogs, no matter where they came from. So, if you have a little space, think about saving a pet in need. Don’t forget to purchase these hoodies as soon as possible after!.

The hoodies for dogs is only $46 and the hoodies for humans is only $66! Get the dogs here and the humans here.

Final Words on Hoodies for Dogs.

No matter where you live, fall is coming soon. I know most of you are patiently waiting for cooler weather around the corner, especially since so many states were so hot this summer. Don’t fret, it’ll be here sooner than you think. When it does come, at least you know your dogs will be prepared with warm clothes. Besides, aren’t these hoodies just the cutest?

In the past, when I’ve procrastinated on getting warm clothes for my dogs, they’ve suffered from it. Shaking and shivering from the cold, you don’t want that for your furry babies. BNY is great about getting items out within just a day or two of ordering. So, be sure to get yours today so they’re here in time for that cooler weather you’ve been waiting for.

We’re sure ready for fall leaves, warm sweaters, hot cocoa and sitting by the fire. No better place to be curled up in the house then in front of the fire with your dog curled up beside you!

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4 thoughts on “Hoodies For Dogs – Fall Is Almost Here!

  1. Hi Katrina,

    The fall comes early in Alaska! This article could be a good reference for dog owners in other states, I am sure. First of all, I love the brand name. It’s so easy to memorize it and come back afterward without forgetting the name, right? And second, I love the idea that they are doing something good by selling The Big Full Heart Hoodie, so this is the one I might choose for my friends’ dogs.

    Thanks for sharing good ideas for dogs. They are lovely and make me smile when I read this post.


    1. Matt,

      Yes! I love the Big Heart Hoodie! I especially love the humans’ version too, with the adoption slogan on the sleeve. Fall does come early in Alaska, yes. Today, we have very nice weather, but it’s temporary. After today, the rain is coming for the next 2 weeks, and we’re back in the 50’s and 60’s. Its okay though. I actually love fall weather, it’s some of my favorite! I love the sweaters, the socks, the boots, the crunch of leaves under my feet. There’s some magical about the fall and spring that just says, we’re about to sleep and then when spring comes, it’s like, Okay, I’m awake!

      Hopefully your friend love the hoodies! Thanks for stopping by and reading this!


  2. Fall is coming really soon in Alaska! I had no idea it came that early.
    These hoodies are very cute. You’ve shown accessories from Bitch New York before and I loved them too. I think that Bitch New York has beautiful and original designs. The Flex Fit hoodie is my favorite because it can stretch over a wide chest, and the price is the same in all sizes. I always hate it when the price increases just because the dog is bigger and needs a bigger coat. In stores for people clothing our clothes have the same price, whether you’re a small, medium, large, or extra large, so why should it be different for dog sizes, right?
    I also love the Found hoodie. I adopted all my dogs (and cats). I got two from shelters where I volunteered and I rescued my other animals from the streets. The Found hoodie would be perfect for them!

    1. Christine,

      Yes! I knew lots of people would love these hoodies. Especially anyone that’s adopted before. I have, and I love them! And yes, fall comes early up here, but the Earth is starting to shift away from the Sun, so we’re getting colder a bit. Well, not today. Today is the last hot day we have in the forecast for the next 2 weeks. So, hopefully everyone gets out and enjoys the sun today up here. I will in a bit, but work first, play after. I still have my routine, even if it’s changing tomorrow.

      If you decide to order those, let me know how you love them! Thanks for stopping by!


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