New Cat Products – Must Haves!

Wall mounted cat shelves
Wall Mount Cat Shelves $86.24

Today, I was scrolling through some new products for pets. What I came across was some new cat products, that frankly, every cat owner needs to get before they’re gone. One of the products was a cat bed that attaches to the wall. I’ve written about cat trees that you can attach to your walls in the past. But this one is so cool! It’s actually in the shape of a crescent moon!

Another new cat product that I saw was a litter box enclosure that looks like furniture. Now, I don’t know about you, but any cat litter box enclosure that doesn’t show the cat litter box is a winner! Nothing is more of a decorative eyesore than an ugly, plain looking cat litter box just sitting out. No matter where you try to hide that thing, it’s ugly. You know what I mean, especially if you have that ugly beige-colored one that seems to be in every house!

Let’s take a closer look at the new cat products, shall we?

Crescent Moon Wall Mounted Cat Bed.

Exclusively at Petco, I just love the shape of this cat bed! Who wouldn’t stop to admire this on your wall? It looks like a cool piece of artwork, no matter what you have on your walls. And, imagine if

Crescent Moon Cat Bed
Crescent Moon Wall Mounted Cat Bed $187.40

your friends come over and your cat just so happens to be perched up there? That would surely be a conversation starter!

It’s made of spruce wood and it’s curved perfectly for your cat to be comfortable. We all know that our cats love to climb. What do they like more than climbing? Staring down at the room of course! So, if you have a cat that loves scaling your book shelves, then this is for you! Maybe they like to jump up on your fridge? Get this instead. Be sure to hang it where your cat can get to it as well!

Did I mention it’s on sale? No, well, it is! Click here to buy it today.

Cat Litter Box Enclosure that Conceals your Cat Litter Box!

Cat Litter Enclosure
Cat Litter Box Enclosure $169.99

Like I mentioned above, who else hates those ugly beige boxes that get so dirty on top? It’s not like the cat goes on top of the box! Well, maybe yours does. However, usually concealed in a closet or under a sink, those boxes are still an eyesore. Well, today, I’m here to share the new cat box enclosures that look like a piece of furniture. It’s even large enough to conceal a self-cleaning cat box.

So what’s so special about this piece of furniture? Glad you asked. Not only do you have double doors on the front, to easily access your cat box once opened. But, it also has a cat door on the side! You can use this as a console table, or simply an end table. Just be sure you leave the opening available for your cat to get into.

Coming in two colors, black or white, you can set it up to match your furniture anywhere! What I love about this the most? Well, besides the cat door on the side? The shelf! I love that it has a shelf for any accessories you might need. If you want to place your cats toys up there, simply grab a small basket! This will hide the toys, as well as keep them in one place for a clutter free option.

Click here for this offer!

Scoop Free, Top Entry Self Cleaning Litter Box.

The days of scooping your cats litter have been long gone, now. If you’re still doing it the old-fashioned way, let me introduce you to the future! This self-cleaning cat litter box uses crystals for the litter. If you don’t know already, crystals have 99% less dust than your typical cat litter. Remember the ugly beige, dirty looking cat box I mentioned above? Well, this isn’t it!

Self Cleaning Litter Box
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box $139.95

Crystals allow for your cat to still do their business, but with no dust. Well, very, very little dust. This litter box senses when your cat is done, and scoops their “stuff” into a tray. Depending on how often your cat goes to the bathroom, depends on how often you need to throw away the tray. Did I mention that this litter box actually tracks how often your cat goes? Wait, what? It tracks how often your cat goes to the bathroom! So, if you think they might have an illness, you can actually monitor it easily.

So, no more daily cleaning. It takes weeks to have to refill the crystals in this box! Wouldn’t that make life so much easier for you? Click here for this one!

Last of the New Cat Products – Wall Mounted Wood Cat Shelves.

Wall mounted cat shelves
Wall Mount Cat Shelves $86.24

This goes along with the new Crescent Moon Wall Mounted Cat Bed, but it’s a separate item on it’s own. Does your cat currently like to jump up on your floating shelves around your home? Only to have one of them fall because they simply can’t hold their weight? Well, no more. These cat shelves are rated to hold your kitty high above the action in your house!

Cats love nothing more than to look down upon their subjects and watch with disdainful eyes. Always plotting their next move, or next jump of course! Each of these shelves also has an opening for your cats to go from one to the next. Place them together or space them out. Your cat will love jumping from one to the next! For a more fun environment for your cat, place toys inside each honeycomb! Then, sit back and watch as your cat has the time of their life!

Click here for these awesome wall mounted shelves!  Did I mention they’re on sale?

Final Words on New Cat Products!

New cat products always amaze me! I love the innovativeness of new cat products every time I see something cool. The new fun items aren’t just for dogs anymore. Cats need to have a little fun too! So stop buying your everyday items that you’re used to. Get in with the trendy new products as they emerge. I promise, your cat will love all the new things you’re buying.

Besides, all cats just love to scale walls. I’m not talking about digging in with their claws, I’m talking about shelves made for them at home! Especially if you live in a small space and a cat tree just isn’t going to work! I’ve lived in small spaces before, and I can honestly say, I would’ve had these cat shelves all over! Even as a fun design up and around any room, I would love to watch as they climb and perch high. I sure know I would have a heck of a time getting my cats down!

What new products have you seen lately! Share with us, so we can keep up with the trends!

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6 thoughts on “New Cat Products – Must Haves!

  1. Hi Katrina,

    Crescent Moon Wall Mounted Cat Bed looks chic and definitely a good topic to start with your guests. I love how it fits the wall as a decoration and also a bed for your cats. If you purchase it with Wall Mounted Wood Cat Shelves together, they should become an amusement park for your cats. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today,

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes! Aren’t they fun? I fell in love with the shelves once I saw them, so I had to write about them! I think it would be neat to have them on the wall together for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading!


  2. Hi Katrina,

    I love these cat products! Especially the crescent moon and the wall mounted shelves. I would get them both. Even though I own a large property and my cats are outside most of the time they do spend a lot of time inside as well, and I think that they would love to curl up in one of those wall mounted shelves or the crescent moon. It will definitely be a great conversation starter, for sure 🙂
    I also love the cat litter box that is hidden in furniture, how practical!

    1. Hi Christine,

      I know, even if I had a big house, which ours is getting better as we do the add-ons, I would still want those on my walls. The cats here in the house are my Mom’s cats downstairs, and I imagine they would love these! Instead of jumping up on her book shelves, I love these instead. I’ve been thinking of getting these for my Mom’s cats, I bet they would love them!!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my article! Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. I love the hexagonal wall mounted cat shelves. As a cat owner living in a small flat these are ideal! My cat definitely likes looking down on me lol! He actually does try to climb the walls by digging his claws in, and have torn wallpaper to show for it! Maybe I should get one of these shelves!

    I also like the self cleaning litter box as I’m sure many indoor cats would love. Although my cat goes outside a lot during the day, he stays indoors at night time. I always have a litter box he can use anytime but never considered one that’s self cleaning. How often do you recommend cleaning this type of box?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      When I had my self cleaning litter box, I actually only had to clean it about twice per month. I never had the one with the crystals, but I love it! I actually have been thinking of getting this one for my Mom’s cats. She has the ugly beige one that I mentioned in the article. But I bet she would love this one! The crystals I’ve used in a regular box and I think they work better than the standard litter. Less mess, less cleaning. With this one, from the reviews, people only have to clean it once per month. So, to me it’s worth it!

      Thanks for stopping by and checking this out!


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