Neater Feeder – For Those Messy Eaters

Neater Feeder

Dog lovers around the world, I found our solution! The solution of – no more food all over the floor. It’s called, the Neater Feeder.

You know what I’m talking about when it comes to the mess. Those dogs that jump around as soon as they see us going for their food. We dish them up in a bowl, they hop excitedly while we walk to where we feed them. You put the bowl down, and you hear the gobbling sounds coming forth.

Next thing you know, you look, and there’s food pieces everywhere! What a mess! You stoop over to pick them up and put them back in the bowl. Then, you turn around five minutes later to food all over the place again! So annoying!

So, what is the Neater Feeder?

The Solution to your Dogs Messy Eating Habits.

Neater Feeder
Neater Feeder Petco $34.99-$59.99

The neater feeder was invented for those dogs that like to push their food forward. My dogs do this at every meal time. They dive their heads in, they get excited and food goes everywhere. So, when I saw that there was a way to hold this all in, I went for it!

Let me tell you, it’s worked wonders for my dogs. They will still grab food in their mouth sometimes and walk away from their bowls. It doesn’t stop that. But, it stops the food from pouring out the bowl and all over the floors. I haven’t had to pick up food pieces all over the floor since! What a life saver.

What People Are Saying About The Neater Feeder.

I’m not the only one that loves this Neater Feeder. On Petco’s site, a lot of dog lovers love their Neater Feeders. Many have put water in them as well to prevent spills onto the floor. I use mine for food only. Simply because, if I put food and water in there, my dog likes to transfer the food to the water. She doesn’t always eat it either. She just mixes the two and walks away. It’s pretty gross to clean out soggy, wet, food.

However, if you have a dog that doesn’t like to mix the two, then you’re good. Water in one, food in the other. It’s perfect. Especially if you have pergo floors which a lot of people do. Pergo doesn’t hold up so well to water spills and tends to raise the edges up. Mold can also come from water spraying on the floor and getting in the cracks.

Slow Neater Feeder
Slow Neater Feeder $39.99

There is also one that is designed for those fast eaters.  It helps slow them down so they don’t choke on their food.  I love this one!  It’s only $39.99.

Different Pet Stores Carry Them.

I’ve seen a lot of variety on Petco’s website. They’re reasonably priced as well. Selling on average from $19.99 for a small one to $39.99 for the large one. They claim the small one is for a cat, but I use it for my small dogs actually. My Chihuahua’s tend to be very messy eaters, so they needed one.

However, like I mentioned above, it doesn’t stop them from grabbing up a mouthful of food and running off with it! My two Chihuahua’s do this, even with the Neater Feeder.

My other dog, Atlas though, it keeps her food contained. It’s so lovely! Purchasing mine at Petco,  I bought a large one, and a small, cat one for the small dogs. I only use them for food like I mentioned. The water bowl simply has a mat underneath it to keep the water from spilling on my floors.

I have seen them at Pet Smart and other Pet Store retailers. Unfortunately, they’re not sold at my favorite pet store, Bitch New York. I looked. Sad face.

Use Them For Dry or Wet Food.

Nothing is worse than a messy eater with wet food! What a mess! I feed my dogs wet food every month or so. I do this to keep them very healthy and as a special treat once in a while. Before the Neater Feeder, the wet food was the worst.

My dogs get very, very excited for wet food. They know when I grab that can and they hear the pop from opening it. All bets are off after that. They’re jumping, whining, licking muzzles, everything! As soon as I put that food down, all you hear is gobble, gobble.

If you think dry food is a mess to clean up on the floor, you haven’t seen wet food. Even with the mess they used to create, I still gave it to them. But, I knew that I was in for a cleanup project after. Lots of paper towels and Lysol wipes. Wet food, unfortunately, leaves a residue on the floors that only a thorough cleaning can get rid of.

Now, no mess! I love it! At least with the wet food, they don’t grab mouthfuls and run. They are glued to their bowls until every last morsel is gone and it’s licked completely clean. Almost as if it was just washed. Ignore the slime that’s covered the entire thing. Ew. I always wash them after the wet food. For possible contaminant’s sake.

Final Words on the Neater Feeder.

Small Neater Feeder
Small Sized Neater Feeder $19.99

If you have a messy eater, then you need this. This Neater Feeder will save you from having to clean up all the time after your dogs eat. If you’re as tired of that as I was, then get your Neater Feeder today. If you have a bigger dog, get the large one. Medium sized dogs, like Cockers, I would still get the larger sized one so you can use it for water if you wish.

Small dogs like Yorkies and Chihuahua’s, I’d get the cat sized one. You will fall in love with this as much as I have. And, yes, we don’t need it. But, if something makes life just a little easier, then isn’t that worth it?

I know that I won’t be feeding my dogs out of their standard bowls anymore. I hate dry kibble everywhere on the floor. Plus, let’s face it, we tend to get bugs if the food sits there overnight. Even in Alaska, we get weird worm-like bugs that love dog food. Especially if the food winds up in the corner of the floor where it’s missed during cleanup.

So, save yourself that headache. Get yours today!

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8 thoughts on “Neater Feeder – For Those Messy Eaters

  1. This article grabbed my attention because I own a cat (Cuddles), who for the most part is a “neat eater,” but, not all the time. Hence, I can appreciate any pet owner wanting to make this investment.

    I also love that it can be used for both wet and dry food. Sounds like good value for money. I wonder though, are these available for cats too?

    1. Josephine,

      Yes – the small ones are for cats actually. It’s what I use for my small dogs since they’re smaller than cats. It works perfect for them. Definitely a good buy for anyone with messy eaters. That’s for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I know this is meant for dogs, but I just had to check it out as my cat is such a messy eater. Thanks for sharing the small sized Neater Feeder! This one looks like it would be great for helping to keep the floor cleaner.

    Do you think the small sized Neater Feeder would be the best option for a messy cat eater or would you have a different recommendation?

    1. Leah,

      The small one is perfect for cats actually. My small dogs, that are smaller than cats use the cat one. I used to have a cat that was a very messy eater. If these had been out when I had him, I so would’ve bought one! Now, I use them for my dogs because they’re all messy!!

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed this!


  3. I love this feeder and am sure anyone with pets or who babysits pets would appreciate this solution to messy eaters.

    There is nothing worse than stepping on dry kibble at night when it somehow manages to find its way into the traffic path.

    My cat is not a messy eater but I have two large breed grand puppies who are both very messy eaters. One is a husky/lab/australian-shepard mix and the other is a 5-month-old golden retriever puppy.

    I may get one myself for the times when they visit here.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Hi Deb,

      I have to agree, I hate stepping on dog food in the middle of the night as well! Some nights, when they’re bit in half it’s close to stepping on a lego! Yes, these neater feeders are a saver of all that. I love mine, I have to say.

      As for the puppies, they sound adorable! I bet they are messy eaters by the breed mixes. Labs can be very messy eaters, that’s for sure!

      Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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