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Atlas Dog Collar

Pet owners these days have a ton of unique dog collars to choose from.  With the online world of shopping at our fingertips, how do you determine your dogs needs?  For me, I wanted something special for my newest dog friend, Atlas.  Something that would set her apart from the world of other dogs.   I searched online for a very long time before I found the perfect collar for her.  But it took a lot of time and research before I could finally decide on what I wanted to buy.

The really special collars can sometimes be very expensive.  It simply depends on what you’re looking for that will be special for your pet.   This might also be for your cat as well, and not just your dogs.   A lot of people are looking for personalized collars that they can have their pets name inscribed on the collar.  Personally, I don’t want people knowing my dogs name upon first meeting her in case they mean her harm, but that’s just me.

There are a variety of choices online and the fastest way to choose what you might like over others is to google search dog collars, click on images and scroll through the many available online. Finding the right style will ultimately lead you to finding the different sites that have them available for purchase.

How Did I Do My Research?

I looked online for a solid month before deciding on my dog’s collar before I finally made my purchase. I searched every online outlet I could find, looked at different reviews, what were other buyers saying about the collars they purchased? How long did the collar hold up for their pets? I had so many questions that I needed answering before finally deciding on what to buy.

One main thing I like to look for are the bad reviews of collars first. This tells me a few things before buying the collar.

  • Is the material quality material?
  • How did the collar hold up for their pet?
  • Does the material seem cheap?
  • Did the pet actually like it?
  • Did the pet feel comfortable or look comfortable?
  • How did the collar look in the pictures others took?

All these questions went through my mind before I actually looked at the cost of the collar I was debating on.

What Kind Of Collar Do You Want Or Need?Different Dog Collars

Before even shopping online for a unique collar for your dog, determine the style you want/need first. Not all dogs should have a large collar like the one I purchased for Atlas. My small dogs actually have different styles of collars that I can loosen easily in the event they get tangled up running under the bed or in other small spaces. Cats need quick release collars since they can damage their throats if they get stuck somewhere and can’t get free.

For Small Dogs –

Like my small dogs, I have smaller collars for them. I also leave them loose so they can easily get their heads through the collars if they get stuck. My larger dogs have larger collars, thicker materials and are more durable in quality. My 40 lb dog has a nylon dog collar that she’s had for over 4 years now. It has rips in the designs now and looks a little less for wear, but I bought it 4 years ago for $20 USD at a local pet store and the fact that it’s lasted me so long, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it.

For Large Dogs –

For my 50-60lb dog, she needs a leather collar because of her sheer size and muscular structure. She is a very strong dog that has a tendency to still pull on her collar and with the thin collars I found she would choke herself and make her eyes turn bloodshot. A thick collar was needed for her specifically to help her not hurt herself as well as be sturdy enough to stand up to her strength. She is still a pup, so when I walk her, I have to use a trainer lead for now along with her collar.

Is The Cost Comparable To The Quality?

After looking into the reviews of the collar and getting my questions answered, then I looked at the cost. Did the cost compare to the unique dog collar I was thinking of buying? One thing I neglected to state in the above, is the reviews that I really paid attention to, were the ones that people commented on after having the collar for a notable period of time. They had to at least try the collar out for a few weeks and not just comment after a day of getting it on their pets.

After being able to determine that the reviews were good, the quality good, the cost comparable to the collar itself so that I knew my money would be well spent, then I would decide on the cost vs quality.

Cheap Collars Versus Expensive Collars?

I went back and forth on debating between a standard dog collar that would only cost me about $30 USD versus a good quality collar that could cost upwards of $400 USD. The thing with inexpensive collars is they may not be necessarily cheap quality or bad quality, but they may not hold up for larger dogs over a period of time.

Some expensive collars may not hold up either, so cost is difficult to determine quality, especially when buying online. If you’re looking for leather, look for genuine leather. If you’re looking for a material type of collar, look for the quality material that you need that will hold up for your pet.

Nylon Dog CollarNylon collars are great for the fabric materials, so look for sturdy nylon materials. If you’re looking for leather, look for genuine leather versus the faux leathers as they’re likely to fray or rip over a short period of time.

It All Depends On The Collar You Choose For Your Pet.

At the end of the day, the unique dog collar you choose is all based on your preferences. Everyone has different tastes, styles and preferences and it really just depends on what you choose to go with. I can point out all day what I’ve chosen for my pets personally, but each person is different just like our pets.

Choose something you’re comfortable with, and what you feel is the quality material you want/need. Do your research first if shopping online and decide what fits best. If you’re shopping at a local pet store, collars are a little easier to find for your pet.   They definitely won’t be unique unless they engrave your pets name onto the collar itself though.  Several other pets in your vicinity will most likely be wearing the same collar as your pets, simply because of a lack of choices.  Local stores do their best to offer choices, it just boils down to the space they have available for the items in their inventory.

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Also, the main article picture features the Bestia Collar that I’ve purchased for my dog Atlas.  This collar has withstood the test of time as well as all her playing with very large dogs.  It’s very easy to clean and looks fantastic on her.  Click this link to learn more!

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