Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas – For Dogs

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Christmas is just two short days away. Hopefully you’ve been able to buy gifts for the family. Yes, that includes your furry friends as well. Even if you haven’t, there are some awesome last minute Christmas gift ideas in here. Now, I know many of us have had a hard year. With COVID looming, many are still out of work.

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There are a ton of gift ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. Regardless if you’re buying for humans, or for your dog. Don’t let the terrible year of 2020 bring you down and ruin your spirit! I’ve heard from countless people that they’re not feeling very festive. I totally get it, I do. It’s been rough for us all. So how can you buy or make Christmas gifts without breaking the bank?

To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

So many of our loved ones and friends don’t really worry about whether we buy them gifts. There’s a lot of crafty people out there these days. Making people something from the heart can mean so much more than just buying a gift.

When I was younger, I would always make my parents key chains. I would go to a bead store, get some larger beads, good leather and a key ring. Simply threading the leather over the key ring, making 8 strands of leather (only need 4 long ones) would make a nice key chain. (I know this doesn’t work for dogs. Just an idea if you need a last minute gift for a friend too.)

I remember one year, I made one for my Dad out of his favorite colors. He used that thing for over a decade before it finally died from so much use.

Dogs don’t care if the gift is bought, like some humans. They just want to feel loved by you and others. Making a gift will even have it smelling like you, which they’ll love! Dogs love the smell of their owners. They will often cuddle in our clothes because of it.

Crafting Gifts.

Above, I gave an example of making a key chain, but I’ve seen a lot of people crochet blankets. Even hats. I used to crochet as a child, but I don’t have a lot of time for that anymore. Now, I type away all day, helping others with ideas. If you have a dog and you’re able to crochet, make them a nice cozy blanket.

Something they can cuddle up to all day while you’re away at work. Maybe you work from home and they like to lie around. Make them a blanket they can lay on. Even if you don’t crochet, buy two soft pieces of material. Big enough for a doggie blanket. Then, along the edges, cut 4 inch slits all the way around. Around both pieces. Next, lay one on top of the other, and tie each piece to the other.

Voila, you have a doggie blanket. I know you might think dogs don’t care about Christmas. However, if you have a dog half as smart as mine, Atlas, they know. She’s been watching me put toys in her stocking, staring up at it. I know she’s silently saying, “Um, that’s for me. Why is it not in my mouth right now?”

The Gift Of Bones.

Maybe you’ve bought a roast lately, the bone-in kind. Now, dogs have a tendency to not digest cooked bones very well. Raw though, they can eat raw the best. I don’t give Atlas bones often, I will say. But as a special treat, of course! And what better time than the Holidays for me to give her a bone?

Stores right now have bones on sale as well. Please don’t buy the raw hides. They’re really bad for dogs. But the natural ones are on sale right now as well. Also, in the freezer section you can usually find bones as well. Ask the butcher behind the counter for those bones. They’ll direct you to the right spot.

Whatever you do, don’t leave them out of Christmas. They do know, and they understand the emotions that kids feel on Christmas morning. I couldn’t stand for Atlas to give me those sad eyes come Friday.

Toys Are On Sale For Christmas.

No, not kids toys I’m afraid. Dog toys. Kids toys have actually increased in price. That’s right, they go slightly higher before Christmas. It’s actually very sad. I’ve never noticed this before until this year. Only because, I’ll admit, I was done shopping long ago.

Standing in Target over a month ago, I saw a toy that was only $59.99. Then, I went back last weekend looking for something. I saw the same toy, now $69.99. What a jip!

Dog toys though, they’re all marked down right now, especially the Christmas themed ones. So, if you didn’t get your doggie some toys a while back, now’s your time! Every retailer I’ve been to, I see the Clearance bins with dog toys.

In fact, at Fred Meyers yesterday, I saw they had the Christmas themed ones for only $2 each. I already shopped for my dogs, but I figured, why not? So, I bought a cute little sheep squeaker with a Santa Hat on.

Getting home, Atlas knew right away when I pulled it from the bag. She came over sniffing around, looked at her stocking. Probably thinking, “Oh great, another toy that’s going in that thing I can’t get to.” No, I gave it to her and she was happy as a clam!

Final Words on Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

No matter your budget ending this year, don’t leave your other family members out. Dogs are very good at smelling emotions. They know that come Christmas morning, when the kids are all excited, something’s going on. Maybe they like to try to eat the wrapping paper. Or, see what fluffy awesomeness you got the kids. Well, don’t them eat their new slippers. Give them a toy to keep them preoccupied.

My dogs just love to eat fluffy things. Now, I’ve trained them to leave things when I say it. But all dogs love fluffy. It’s why so many of their toys are fluffy! They can’t help it. I make sure to buy extra fluffy toys for Atlas. She loves to tear them apart and rip out their guts. Poor toys. Good thing Toy Story was just a cartoon!

Balls, bones and toys. All on sale. I know Petco is having a huge sale right now for Christmas items. PetSmart as well. So stop in there and browse for something they’ll like. No need to splurge by the way. One is more than enough to keep them distracted from those fuzzy slippers.

What other Christmas gift ideas do you have? Share with us!

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6 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas – For Dogs

  1. That’s an interesting article. Many people wouldn’t think about buying a Xmas gift for a dog, including myself. But my family did it once and it was so fun. It was nice to see the dog running around with his new gift. It is a festive period and why not make our dog a bit happier. Thank you the ideas. I’m the opinion if you can make it is easier and more fun but the most important thing is the gesture. Thank you for sharing it and for all the ideas.

    1. Absolutely! Dogs know when we’re up or down, and Christmas should be a time of giving and feeling good with family. Mine get so happy when they get new toys and clothes. Something small, and they get so happy. I love watching them run around with toys in their mouth, so happy! It’s so worth it for me to spend just a little to get the most joy, and seeing my dogs and kids happy.

      Thanks for visiting and reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Hi! Thanks for this post. With what’s happening right now, I forgot about Christmas.
    It’s not widely celebrated in my place that’s why.
    Anyway it reminds me that I have to at least prepare something.

    To buy or not buy christmas gifts… hmm 💭
    Well, if I have plenty of time, then, I’d go for making my own.
    I love DIY’s and crafts. I even made a bed for my doggo when he was just a pup!

    But this time, I thinking of buying him a new squeky toy! He loves it.

    Thanks again and happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you Mina,

      Yes, I know Christmas is different throughout the world. It’s not celebrated the same, and some this year also aren’t feeling very festive, or have the means to celebrate. In my years as an adult, I’ve learned that Christmas is not about gifts, but rather about being near friends and family. For years, my husband always thought that Christmas should be celebrated with the most gifts, expensive gifts. But I’ve shown him that Christmas is not about that at all. It’s about the food that brings us together, the love we feel for one another. Being with people who make us happy and bring joy to our lives.

      When my girls were young, we had one Christmas where we spent a great deal of money. Growing up, we didn’t have money, the opposite in fact. My Mom would try of course, and every year I asked for the same thing, a Teddy Bear. That was all. So I wanted to do something nice for my kids and buy them everything they asked for. I spent well over $2K that year on Christmas. It was extravagant. The toys took over the entire dining room, large boxes, small boxes, play tents, etc. They were so happy opening everything. However, I watched as they through gifts to the side and ran to the next one. Opening each one with just a “Wow” and moving on.

      That day, they broke most of their toys. In a single day. They had no concept of care or humility. I was so angry, spent so much time and effort, so much money to give them a Christmas I never had. I fumed. I told them both, “Next year, Santa will get you each a towel. To bath yourself. To clean the stinginess out of you.”

      I held to it. The following year, I bought them each a towel. One was a Monster High Towel and the other a Hello Kitty Towel. That was it. To this day, they’ve learned now that it’s not about gifts. It’s about being humble and enjoying being with family. Expensive gifts are not in my vocabulary and if they aren’t good the entire year, Christmas gifts are few and far between. It’s funny, I still tell them that I’ll buy them more towels if they don’t behave all year. They still remember it very well.

      In the end, it’s about sharing joy and being close. Not how much you can spend, or how much you make.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Great to see such.
    I have a dog and had not known that their are actually gifts you can give dogs and I have to say I love the gift of the bones as that is what I love give it to her.
    You are right that the dogs do not care if you give them but it is good because they just want to see you and smell you the whole day.
    I will try some of these as they may help me spend Christmas well.
    I have a pitbull do these work for all types of dogs?

    1. Hi Thabo,

      Absolutely! All dogs are the same essentially. Sure, they all look different, have different personalities, but they all share one common trait. They love us. Unconditionally. They want to be near us, they want to know that we think about them, care for them. It’s sad when I think about dogs in tough homes, owners that abuse them. And what’s sad, is that that dog still loves them, unconditionally. They still wag their tail when they’re pet. I hate to think of the horrors out there, but that’s what comes to mind when I think of unconditional love. I couldn’t treat an animal that way, I just hear about it all the time and it makes me very teary eyed. I don’t cry, but thinking of those poor animals, I want to.

      Sorry that was a sad note in a time of happiness. I hope that you’re able to get something for your Pit Bull that they’ll love. No matter what you get them, they’ll love it. Especially because they know it’s from you and that you love them.

      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you came!


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