Cute Dog Sweaters for Small Dogs

Elephant Hooded Sweater

Looking today for cute dog sweaters for small dogs, I found some awesome ones! I never knew that there were so many in the form of animals. I sure found those today though. Sweaters that look like Lions, Sharks, etc. Now, if you’re not new to my site, then you know I love BNY! Bitch New York. One of fave sites to shop from for dogs.

If you are new, then you’re in for a treat. BNY has some best and cutest clothes for small dogs. In all my shopping experience online, I haven’t found a competitor. Sure, Petco has cute sometimes stuff, but BNY? They’re one of the best. So if you have a small dog, then you should definitely be trying out their clothes.

Dogs Love Sweaters.

My female dogs love when I dress them up. They get so excited to see me pull out their tote. I have all kinds of sweaters already for them all. My male dog is the exception, of course. I don’t buy much for him because he’s not too into clothes. And no, I don’t put them in clothes if they hate it.

Bunny Hop Sweater

Since my two females love sweaters so much, I think I’m going to get these. I found the Bunny Hop Hooded Sweater for $51. Then I found Cecil The Lion also for $51. For Cecil the LionAtlas, I think I like the Elephant Hooded for $57.

There’s also the cardigans that just have the animals printed on them. That would be cute too. I know they might like the hoods though, so I’m tempted to buy just a few of those and try those out. My dogs actually don’t mind hoods. In fact, I have a few hooded sweaters already, but none as cute as these!

Elephant Hooded Sweater

Let’s talk why some dogs like clothing in general. Whether you live in a colder climate like I do. Some dogs just need clothing to make them feel better.

Some Dogs Are Anxious.

Some breeds of dogs are rather anxious at times. Especially some larger breeds. Labs, Germans, Poodles. So what is it about these breeds that makes them anxious? These dogs actually have been bred to be around humans. To care for us, watch over us. Especially hunt with us.

These breeds are known to have separation anxiety. You might be wondering what that even is. Okay, if you leave the house for a while, do you come home to a tore up house? If you answered yes, then your dog has anxiety. Annie, my dog that passed earlier this year used to get it bad.

I noticed that when I put Annie in clothing, she calmed down. Now I won’t say that every dog will react the same. Some may hate clothing. But I found that tighter fitting sweaters made her calm. Maybe it reminded her of me holding her? Or, she just felt the comfort of it. It’s like a weighted blanket for some. It’s comforting. So if you have a dog that gets anxious when you leave, try clothing. See what happens. Though I wouldn’t start with a $50 sweater. Try these ideas instead!

What about shaky dogs?

Dogs Also Shake Sometimes.

Some dogs are just shaky. It can seem like it all the time. Especially the smaller breeds. Breeds like Yorkies, Chihuahua’s, Pomeranian’s. What is it about small dogs that makes them so shaky? Smaller dogs don’t always know their size. However, when a very large dog comes around and they recognize the size, they might start shaking. Uncontrollably.

Smaller dogs also shake because they may have anxiety as well. Not as bad as the separation anxiety of the larger dogs. But they feel it too. Small dogs also process food differently. They can shake because of the lack of sugar in their diets. My small Chihuahua, Buttons, used to shake really bad when she was a pup. So bad, that she had two seizures at one point. In looking into it, I found that she needed honey with her food. For some reason, they’re prone to low blood sugar.

Adding that little drizzle of honey helped tremendously. She didn’t have a seizure after I did this for only a couple of days. Now, when she starts getting super shaky again, I give her just a little on her food. She’s back to being right as rain.

Small dogs are also prone to getting cold easily. This can contribute to their shakes.

Dogs Get Cold Easily.

In Alaska where we live, it’s just cold. Summer, winter, it’s almost always cold up here. Sure, we have some warm days, but most days, it’s cold. My small dogs have no fur, so they get cold easily. Breeds that have very short fur can get cold rather easily.

The dogs that don’t usually get cold are long fur dogs. Germans, Labs, etc. Labs with very short coats, or poodles can also get cold. Each dog is different of course. Just like humans, some of us are always cold. Me! My hubby on the other hand can stand outside in a hoodie and be just fine.

If you have a dog that’s always cold, try out these sweaters. It’ll help them. And it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or out. As long as your baby is warm, that’s all that matters. These sweaters are made with thick fabric, and high quality. Meaning, one washing and it’s not going to get holes. I always hate that with dog clothes!

Final Thoughts on Cute Dog Sweaters for Small Dogs.

I know I’ve mentioned some larger breeds in this article, but let’s face it, they’re important too. Atlas isn’t exactly a small dog, and I don’t care! I’m ordering the Elephant Hoodie for her. First, it’ll match her gray fur! Second, she’s going to look so cute in it!

Buttons can wear anything. She loves all clothing alike. She has a wardrobe any dog would be jealous of. Petticoats, scarfs, skirts. You name it, she has it. She is only 2.5lbs, so she’s always cold and shaky! Like I said, small dogs are more prone to shaking than any other breed.

I don’t like when my dogs aren’t comfortable, so whatever I need to do to help them. If that means getting the cutest sweaters out there, then so be it!

What sweaters do your dogs have and love? Share the pictures with us!

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