Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid Bone – Review

Pendleton Ombre Plaid Bone

Product: Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid BonePendleton Ombre Plaid Bone

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars for Atlas

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Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid Bone – Plush

Christmas has come and gone and I wrote a few articles on the best pet gifts from 2020. Last minute gifts. Dog bones. Fluffy toys, etc. So which gifts did my dogs actually like out of all of them?

The best pet gifts from 2020 were the fluffy gifts with squeakers in them. Atlas just loved the Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid Bone. My two Chihuahua’s might say differently, of course. To them, only the treats were worth their time. Atlas, however, thought much differently. She was all about the fluffy squeakers.

In her stocking, I had balls, bones and squeakers. Sure, she ran after the balls as usual. But as soon as that fluffy squeaker came out, she dropped all the nonsense and ran for that one. Out of all of them, there was a red colored one she favored. In the shape of a bone, this squeaker was very fluffy.

I think she also liked that it was small enough she could easily fit most of it in her mouth. Atlas loves to find the squeaker and kill it. Immediately. So the fast that this one was small, she really liked.

I do think that next year, I’ll be buying her one similar to this again. Atlas was very happy on Christmas Day when she got to play with all her toys. Hopefully you were able to get something special for your dogs as well.

If not this year, there’s always next year as well. If your dog is more of a bone lover, then check out this never ending bone here! The Elk bone seems to last forever, and Atlas has had this thing for almost a year now.


As for other raw hides, be sure to stay away from them if they’re not natural. The ones that are overly processed can get gummed up in their intestines, and cause blockages.

I’ve touched base on the bones for dogs quite a bit. Look for the natural ones, as I mentioned. Also, the esophagus of some animals are a good trade as well. The never ending bone, the Elk Antler seems to be Atlas’ favorite. Once she chews through this thing, I’ll get another.

I simply stay away from the processed raw hides. The ones that are unnaturally white. Typically, once a dog starts getting into these, they like to swallow entire chunks. Unfortunately, their stomachs can’t digest this material, so it can just sit in their intestines. This can pose problems when they can’t poop. Then of course, there’s the visit to the vet. Hopefully to not hear that they need surgery.

Other Toys She Liked.

Atlas loves almost all toys. The balls were okay for her. Normally, she loves a good tennis ball. But if they don’t have a squeaker in them, forget it! She paid no mind to the rope toys either. Though these aren’t good for dogs. If you decide to throw a rope toy in the stocking, then you have to make sure they don’t ingest the rope. Terrible damage to their intestines with these,

They often come with the generic stockings you can get for dogs. Sold usually at WalMart and Petco. This year, I bought one that was full of toys. Atlas doesn’t care much for the ropes. She likes the plastic ones she can chew up. As well as the squeakers. So, the ropes got tossed as usual. The plush won the day for her.

Hopefully you were able to find something your dog loved this Christmas. Of course, any day is a good day for another toy. You can purchase the Pendleton one here!

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4 thoughts on “Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid Bone – Review

  1. It sounds like Santa spoiled your dogs this Christmas. My dog (Cherry) likes the squeaky toys as well except she pulls the toy apart until she can get the squeaker out of the toy as soon as she gets it. She’s not a big fan of the rope toy either, only if you play tug of war with her but she eventually gets bored. She’s part lab so she loves balls and chasing them. Thanks for sharing Atlas’s experience with the Pendleton Red Ombre Plaid Bone and the dangers of bones for dogs.

    1. Justin,

      Yes, Atlas loves tearing out the squeakers as well. In fact, as I’m writing this, she’s tearing apart a ball that she got for Christmas now. She’s mostly inside the ball now and making good work of tearing it to shreds. I don’t mind that she tears up her toys either. I’m glad she does actually. Better the toys then my house. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my article! Have a great day!


  2. This is a good post for dog owners as it’s so important to find toys that are both fun and safe for your pet. The same applies to cats, and unprocessed hides are definitely the best option when choosing bones. Elk Antler sounds perfect as it’s made from naturally shed antlers. The fact it doesn’t seem to lose it’s flavour is a plus point. I love the fact your dog still plays with it. Squeaker toys certainly have an appeal and help hold interest. Though I don’t have a dog, my cat always prefer toys that squeak, light up or make a noise! Thank you for sharing, and yes, any day is a good day for another new toy for your pet!

    1. Kathy,

      I love the antlers for my dogs, I have to admit. They last a long time with no side effects that bones and other items can have. They seem to digest quickly as well, which is necessary. For cats, I think the little mice are fun as well as the jingle balls. My Mom’s male cats seem to be obsessed with the jingle balls, chasing them all the time and batting at them. I don’t think a lot of people know how similar cats and dogs can be, especially male cats which are my favorite. I always had them chasing balls and actually playing fetch. But I also trained all my cats, similar to my dogs. So that probably helped.

      Thanks for reading!


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