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Boston in a coat

I realize that I’ve written about large dogs and small dogs. What about medium-sized dogs? I’m here to talk about medium-sized dog clothes since all breeds deserve recognition. I write about the big dogs more often only because it’s hard to find good clothes. Medium sized dogs are easier to shop for.

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If you’ve read a few of my articles, you know how much I love Bitch New York. They simply have a lot to choose from when it comes to clothing styles. Petco is another site that I refer to often. Both sites have great clothing options for all sizes of dogs. Let’s look at shirt options first.

Button-Up Shirts.

Tan Plaid ShirtIn poking around today for medium-sized dog clothes, I found these super cute faux button-up shirts. I could absolutely see these on a Cocker Spaniel! This particular style comes in a variety of colors. Tan Plaid, Red Plaid, Red Stripe Sailboat, etc.

These shirts would be great for weather that doesn’t warrant a sweater. So, if you plan on taking a quick cruise on a lake or ocean, then your dog would look perfect in these Sailboat Shirtshirts. Coming in all themes, even if you’re not on the water, there are other options. Pumpkin theme for Halloween. Gingerbread theme for the Holiday season. Christmas Velour Holiday shirt.

Any time of the year, these shirts would be a great addition for your medium-sized dog. What about sweaters? What if it’s colder where you live and you want some sweater options?

Sweaters for Medium Sized Dogs.

Sweaters for Dogs

Sweater options for medium-sized dogs are, honestly, endless. If I’m looking at just Bitch New York, there are 653 options. Because medium-sized dogs are easier to shop for, they have a lot of inventory. I say, easier to shop for because the X Large dogs I talk about often are sometimes difficult. Let’s face it, if you have a Cocker, they can fit more clothing than a Mastiff.

Larger dogs not only have a shortage in clothing sometimes, but it can be difficult to know what fits them. Take Atlas for example. She’s not a super large dog. In fact, she looks like she’s a medium-sized breed. Until you get to her shoulders. They’re very wide. This makes it hard for me to shop for her.

I wrote about making your own clothing, or buying from a thrift store because of her width alone. It’s easier for me to put her in human clothing at times because of her build. If I had a Cocker, I know that they would fit almost any medium-sized clothing. It’s in the breeds build. What about coat options?

Coat Options for Medium Sized Dogs.

Coats for dogs

Coat options range for medium-sized dogs based on what you need the coat for. Meaning, there are rain coats, thick coats, coats for snow, etc. In Alaska, we need coats that don’t get wet when it’s snowing. Sweater style coats aren’t always a good option for us up here. Some states need rain coats instead.

Oregon is a state that I’ve lived in, and instead of snow, it rains. A raincoat would be a necessary wardrobe addition for my pets there. On BNY, there are 591 options for coats. Any time I click on size Medium, it’s in stock. Shopping for a medium-sized dog is easier because they usually have it in stock.

Now that we’ve covered shirts, sweaters and coats, what about bottoms?

Bottoms for Medium Sized Dogs.

Bottoms for dogsBottoms can be more difficult for dogs. Only because it’s not very easy to put pants on them. As far as bottoms are concerned, they’re catered to female dogs. Skirts are about the only thing I can find for dogs on BNY. I’ve written about these before and you can find the article here.

Even on Petco, the best you can hope to find for anything below the waist, are shoes and socks. Don’t get me wrong, shoes are necessary in both cold and hot climates. A Shoes for dogsdogs feet is very susceptible to both cold and heat. Many people forget that dogs paws are sensitive. Only because they run around all day in mild climates without shoes on. However, once that temperature drops and snow hits the ground, it’s imperative they wear shoes to prevent frostbite.

Heat is no different. Living in Hawaii, my dogs paws got burns on them just going from the car to my apartment. Less than 2 minutes on hot asphalt, and the balls on their feet were injured. I had to put ointment on their paws and wrap them for 2 days.

Medium Sized Dog Clothes Are Easy To Find.

There are a lot of options with online pet retailers to find clothing. Offering a variety of sizes, the medium-sized clothing is almost always in stock. Choices from super cute faux button-up shirts to shoes. Regardless of where you shop from, more often than not, medium is pretty easy to find.

The larger dogs that I often write about, well, not always. However, in whatever climate you live in, be sure your dog is either protected from the cold, or simply fashionable. Whichever you choose, the options are almost endless.

I spoke of the Cocker Spaniel a few times. What other breeds are medium-sized dogs though?

  • Most Terrier Breeds
  • Hound Breeds
  • Spaniel Breeds
  • Australian Breeds
  • Collie Breeds
  • Smaller Shepherd Breeds
  • Some Bulldog Breeds
  • Pinscher Breeds
  • Smaller Retriever Breeds
  • English Breeds, like the Foxhound and Spaniel
  • Miniature Breeds of large dogs
  • Some Japanese Breeds
  • Poodle Breeds
  • Pointer Breeds
  • Some Husky Breeds
  • Etc

Please note – measuring your dog before shopping is essential if you’re shopping online. If you’ve never bought anything for your dog online, look for the measuring guide first. Have a measure tape on hand so you can be sure you’re buying the right size. If you’re unsure, buy something with stretch to it at first.

This will make sure that you can find the right fit for your dog for the first time. To find the right size, click here for the guide.

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2 thoughts on “Medium Sized Dog Clothes

  1. Aaaaawww, I’m definitely buying that Burberry button-up shirt for my puggy. My sister is getting married, and I’ve been looking for an appropriate outfit for our dog, and I think I finally found the one!

    I can’t thank you enough for this post! Keep up the good work, and I’ll get back to you to tell you how it went (I’ll even send a picture) as soon as I get my chubby dressed!

    1. Gorjan,

      I’m so glad I was able to write about one you liked. How exciting! A wedding! And a great shirt to bring your dog with you dressed up, I do agree. I’m excited to see the picture once you get it and are able to try it on.

      Thanks for reading my article and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to share this with others!


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