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Petsafe Gentle Leader

Product: PetSafe Gentle Leader Petsafe Gentle Leader

Price: $14.95 USD on sale at

Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

PetSafe Gentle Leader, Product Overview

Do you have dogs that tend to pull on their leashes?  Have you exhausted your resources on how to train them?  Then this PetSafe Gentle Leader is the perfect product for you.  The point of this leader is that it wraps around your dogs muzzle.   It attaches to their collar and the leash gets attached to a hook under their jaw.

It gently forces their heads to go where you want them to go without hurting your dog like a choker.  Chokers can cause esophagus problems for your dogs, especially if they pull hard on their leashes.

My Personal Experience with the PetSafe Gentle Leader.

I have two large dogs, both of whom I needed to train with some sort of training collar. My first dog, Annie, needed the Gentle Lead Dog Collar because every time I took her for a walk, she would lunge at any other animal that she saw with no regards to ripping my arm of the socket. I tried training her with treats, commands, classes, you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked for her.

I took a trip to the pet store and asked the nice gentleman helping me what options I had for Annie. I inquired about the chokers that I knew a lot of people have used and he asked me some simple questions first.

  • Does your dog lunge or jump?
  • Does your dog pull unexpectedly?
  • Do you have to pull hard on the leash to get her to listen?

Answering to him yes to all the above questions, especially lunging at another dog! I pointed at the choker with spikes on it and asked about that one. I said, “Wouldn’t that teach her immediately not to pull?”  He calmly looked at me like I was helpless of course.   “Well, imagine that she lunges with all her weight at another dog and that spike punctures her skin and right on her vertebrae; that could cause some serious damage.”

I didn’t want that! Jeez, that would be awful! I started to feel sad just thinking about that and the dogs out there that have been injured because their owners use those! So, of course he started showing me my other options and one of the options was called a Gentle Lead. So, I bought that and after her tugging on her mouth, rolling around in anything outside to tear this thing off, she finally got used to it and could no longer tug or pull. It was like magic!

On to My Experience With My Newest Dog.

Atlas, my newest pup, is a whole other ball of wax when it came to walking her versus Annie. Annie would lunge, unexpected! Atlas though, well, she’s just flat out strong. She pulls my arm out of socket just from walking or leaning. I went to pick up my daughter from school once and holding her leash around my gloved hand did nothing to protect her from ripping my skin off and pulling my arm every direction possible. It wasn’t even because of other animals, she simply wanted to greet every child she saw. That night, I told my husband, we’re getting a Gentle Lead.

We made our way to the pet store and the gentle leads were sold out. So, our other option which was much cheaper by the way, the PetSafe Gentle Leader. So, I pulled it out of the plastic, put her on her, and voila! No pulling.

Does Atlas Try To Rip It Off? Yes!

Almost every dog I know when you first put on the lead trainer, they pull at the collar and try to get it off their nose, they roll around, the turn every direction, anything they can do to GET IT OFF! That’s okay, because it takes time for them to get used to it, get accustomed to it, and that takes time and patience.

If you follow the directions, it states to start in short bursts with the leads. Try it on your pet for about 5 minutes at a time in the house and give them some treats to let them know it’s a good thing and okay for them. It’s not a muzzle, they can still eat and drink and bark. Treats will allow them to feel safe and good when you put it on them for the first time.

Try not to let them pull at it with their paws, simply pet them and try to comfort them in the beginning. It takes them time to get used to it. Lots of love and treats helped Atlas understand it was an okay thing on her nose.


My Overall Review Of The PetSafe Gentle Leader.

Overall, this is the best training tool for dogs that pull on their leashes. You want to try to get them out of this habit when they’re young, so they don’t get too accustomed to pulling. So, this try this PetSafe Gentle Leader.   It allows you to walk your dog with complete ease. Attempting to pull back on their collars without this just makes the walks less enjoyable. Not only that, if you live somewhere icy and your dog pulls hard all of a sudden, you might find yourself on the ground because of it. You won’t see it coming, you just know you’re not on the ground because they can be so strong.

I’ve included the link for you here, so check it out. In the end, we want our walks with our friends to be pleasant and we want them to be at our side, not pulling us like we’re running the Iditarod! Especially on icy ground.

Have you tried this lead yet? Let me know your reviews or your comments on how it worked for your dogs!



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