Beware of Dog Treats – Especially Falsely Advertised.

Dog Chews

On Facebook, I was recently made aware of more dog treats that have killed a dog. Someone had gotten some treats inside a bark box that was advertised as being “Healthy”. So many dog treats are falsely advertised as being good for dogs. Regardless of whether they’re included in a monthly subscription. Beware of dog treats, even when they come in a box.

Now, you might be asking, what makes these dog treats dangerous? Chemicals. The chemical process that is used, is what puts these treats together. This process can wreak havoc on your dogs digestive system. That means, they can cause blockages in their intestines. Or, the chemicals are so dangerous, they can shut down their organs within hours.

Dangerous Processing of Dog Treats.

So many dog treats are advertised as being “Natural” or “Healthy” or even “Non-Processed”. But here’s the thing, more often than not, any sort of animal products have to be processed. You don’t think they just walk up to that cow, cut off its leg, wrap it in a nice package and send it to you, do you? Sure, you can get natural bones from your butcher. But, those are a far cry from what we buy in the pet store.

Normally, the hides or chews that are sold in stores are processed beyond all natural recognition. Bones and meat will start to deteriorate quickly, even in a pretty plastic package. So, in order for companies to sell these products, they must first stop the natural deterioration from happening. This almost always involves a chemical process.

The Chemical Process in Dog Treats.

Just like the processing of our food we buy, companies do the same for dog treats. This usually involves lots of bleach and other harmful substances. Just like the harmful processing of dog food, dog treats can contain the following chemicals:

  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole or BHA
  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene or BHT
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Tertiary Butylhydroquine TBHQ
  • and food colorings

While these chemicals, just from their names don’t sound bad, they actually are. The majority of those listed above have been used in the past for pesticides and poisons. Some are close to being in the same chemical makeup as antifreeze. As we know, antifreeze kills animals.

However, while the chemicals might not sound so bad if you’re just looking into them, many of these have been known to shut some dogs organs down within hours. This often results in expensive ER Vet care bills and even some result in deaths.

Blockages and Organ Failure.

I’ve spoken about raw hides on numerous occasions. How, when a dog swallows larger pieces, their body can’t digest these pieces. This results in the hides blocking the dogs’ intestines and eventually leading to surgery, if its caught. Often times, dog parents don’t know about the blockage until its too late and the dog has to be put down.

In the instance of the last chews I saw on FB, the dog actually suffered within hours. The woman had mentioned that her dog ate it the night before, and by 1 am the next morning was vomiting blood. A similar instance happened with another notable brand of dog food and treats. 1000’s of dog owners had reported their dogs deaths and serious illnesses resulting from this particular brand.

Unfortunately, most dog food companies will state that their brands are just fine for the dogs to continue to consume. And, organ failure will continue to happen because of the chemicals used in the processing of these treats, chews and food.

If you Don’t Know what it is, Don’t Buy it.

I have a philosophy in my home when it comes to food. When I read the ingredient list, if I don’t know what a product is, I won’t buy it. I always look at the ingredients. And, often times you’ll see a long list of chemical names that are hard to pronounce. Now, its not always prevalent when it comes to our animals food, I will say. So, look it up online.

If you can’t find the ingredients, chances are, its bad for your dogs. Or cats. Let’s not leave them out of this, shall we? The majority of the chemicals I listed above, can cause serious illness to your animals. Organ failure is no joke, and it happens very quickly. In fact, for the poor woman on FB, her dog had passed only 2 days after ingesting the chew.

Now, I am purposely leaving the name out of this article of the chew, and where she got it. Just like I didn’t blast the brand of dog food that has been responsible for over 1,000 dog deaths. In fact, the brand of dog food is sold at every major retailer in the US. I see it at Safeway, Walmart, Fred Meyers.

Why Don’t I Name Them?

I don’t name them for the simple reason that I don’t really want to get sued. These companies have a lot of money and backing. People buy their food all day, every day. So, I make my articles vague and nondescript. Why? I’m just a simple dog Mom wanting the best for all dogs out there. I don’t have money to pay large sums of attorney’s fees in the event they say I’m making false accusations.

So, to keep it very, very simple and not disclose the companies that I think people should stay away from, read your ingredients list! Every. Single. Time. If you can’t pronounce it, find a different brand of food. There’s plenty out there that actually are healthy and good for your dogs. Like the Wellness line. I love their food, their treats, all of it. They are also very transparent in their ingredients and how they’re made. Not all companies do this, remember?

So, in the end, Beware of Dog Treats! Especially the treats! Sold as “Natural”.

Final Words on Beware of Dog Treats.

I’m sorry that I haven’t told you the names of the brands. Sincerely, I am. I’ve stated which brand I believe in, and will continue to buy for my dogs. They’re healthy, vibrant and full of life. I’m still weary of any dog treats and bones out there. I simply think that most dog treats are harmful for dogs. Which is a shame, really. We all want a special treat in our life.

Look for ones that list out the full ingredients. Stay away from anything that looks fake, meaning, white. No natural animal product is white. Not even bones are white, they’re like a beige color. I also stay very clear of treats that are shipped from overseas. First off, I know how those animals were treated in the last moments of their life, and its terrible to witness.

Second, most products from overseas are made with the cheapest ingredients and processed in the most crude fashion. Resembling nothing natural, I would never feed my dogs that crud. I hope you choose the same for your dogs.

Last, look at how the food or treats are made. Reputable companies will be transparent with their processing. If you can’t find it, skip it. Your dog will thank you for it and hopefully not become ill from a bad treat.

I want to say my most sincere condolences for those dog parents that have lost their dogs to these foods and treats. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering they went through, and yours after having witnessed them falling ill. Hopefully, my article reaches thousands, to save thousands more.

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